Our es­sen­tial guide to achiev­ing a per­fectly planned bed­room

The bed­room is the sum of its parts. Get all the el­e­ments right and yours will be a calm, re­lax­ing haven where you can sleep soundly and wake re­freshed, says MAG­GIE STEVEN­SON

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From head­boards to floor­ing and stor­age, there are easy ways to bring to­gether an­tiques and col­lecta­bles that prom­ise com­fort, as well as style, says Mag­gie Steven­son

By day, it is the vis­ual fo­cus of the room; by night, it trans­forms into a cosy place to rest, so when you’re choos­ing a bed, take time to en­sure that it ful­fils its dual role with­out com­pro­mise. Com­fort is so sub­jec­tive that the only way to find your ideal bed is by trial and er­ror. Visit a well- stocked show­room, tak­ing your part­ner with you, then lie on a se­lec­tion of beds for a few min­utes at a time. Ex­per­i­ment with mat­tresses and bases of di er­ent kinds and in vary­ing com­bi­na­tions un­til you iden­tify which feels right for you.

Ar­guably, track­ing down a bed that ap­peals aes­thet­i­cally is much sim­pler. Bed frames come in a range of styles – metal and wooden beds based on an­tique de­signs are easy to find, and those with metal or cane-pan­elled frames al­low the light to pass through, ap­pear­ing less bulky in smaller rooms. Up­hol­stered beds can be cov­ered in a fab­ric to com­ple­ment your colour scheme, while four posters can be draped in tra­di­tional style, or left as they are, for pared- down sim­plic­ity.


The ideal place to sleep is a fine blend of good looks and supreme, slum­ber- in­duc­ing com­fort

Ex­pert tip ‘If you want the com­fort of a di­van with a bed frame look, try a di­van mat­tress on a sprung base.’ Lucy Hel­more, buy­ing and mer­chan­dise di­rec­tor, And So To Bed For a fem­i­nine look, con­sider the carved and caned ma­hogany ‘Reine de France’ bed, £ 4,835 for the su­per king size, Si­mon Horn BE­LOW A well- shaped metal bed frame adds a tra­di­tional touch to a sim­ple bed­room. ‘Beau­mont’ metal bed, £795 for a dou­ble, The White Com­pany

An up­hol­stered bed in jew­el­coloured vel­vet makes a dra­matic cen­tre­piece. ‘Rich­mond’ bed, from £1,750 for a dou­ble ex­clud­ing mat­tress, And So To Bed

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