How do I set up a long­case clock?

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As well as be­ing highly dec­o­ra­tive fur­nish­ing items, long­case clocks are also com­plex ma­chines with many mov­ing parts, and it is al­ways prefer­able if they are in good work­ing or­der. Fol­low­ing proper in­stal­la­tion, look­ing a er them well can en­sure they func­tion ac­cu­rately and re­main look­ing their best for years to come. De­pend­ing on qual­ity, a well-made and well-main­tained clock will keep ex­tremely ac­cu­rate time – a mid-range long­case should keep time to within 30 sec­onds a week.

1 Select a suit­able place to dis­play – avoid ex­treme tem­per­a­tures, hu­mid­ity and di­rect sun­light.

2 Make sure your clock is solidly sup­ported and level. All feet should touch the floor to pre­vent rock­ing – card or sim­i­lar may be used un­der the feet.

3 Us­ing a wooden bat­ten bolted to the wall as in­fill, if nec­es­sary, screw the long­case to the bat­ten or wall, to keep it in a ver­ti­cal po­si­tion.

4 To re­place move­ment in the case, at­tach

weights and pen­du­lum to the move­ment and re­place hood. The move­ment, pen­du­lum and weights should have been re­moved dur­ing trans­porta­tion.

5 Wind the clock reg­u­larly us­ing a well- fit­ting key. If it’s an eight- day move­ment, wind­ing it on the same day of the week helps.

6 Turn hands clock­wise to ad­just the time. Pause to al­low strik­ing as nec­es­sary.

7 To reg­u­late, al­ter the length of the pen­du­lum, usu­ally

by turn­ing a nut on the threaded rod sup­port­ing the bob.

8 If the case is made from wood, a soft duster and beeswax pol­ish can be used spar­ingly. Glass pan­els on the hood can be cleaned with a pro­pri­etary prod­uct, but avoid clean­ing fluid com­ing in con­tact with other parts.

9 Never oil clocks your­self. Move­ments should be lightly oiled by a pro­fes­sional ev­ery six years, and a full over­haul ev­ery 12 years is rec­om­mended.

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