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Char­lie G Pro­duc­tion Ed­i­tor

This is­sue’s virus fea­ture in­spired me to read up on the sub­ject. Did you know there are more viruses on Earth than stars in the known uni­verse?

Bal­jeet Re­search Ed­i­tor

Ex­perts believe the Amazon Rain­for­est could dis­ap­pear in 40 years. Could re­for­esta­tion save it? Find out on page 44.

Char­lie E Staff Writer

Sum­mer is here, so why not sit back in the sun­shine with your favourite frozen treat and read about the sci­ence of ice cream on page 43?

Scott Staff Writer

What makes the per­fect space­suit? Dis­cover the life-sus­tain­ing de­signs that could one day strut their stuff on Mars on page 56.

Dun­can Se­nior Art Ed­i­tor

The blue pill or the red pill? With VR set to take over our lives, could it ever be­come as re­al­is­tic an ex­pe­ri­ence as The Ma­trix? Find out on page 20.

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