Keep­ing peace be­tween Tories’ war­ring fac­tions

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Ex­am­iner reader Chris Thomas saw this cow in a field at South Crosland with mark­ings that look like a ques­tion mark on its face. Per­haps it’s ask­ing: ’Who am I?’ I RE­ALLY en­joyed Nick Yates’ let­ter in Wed­nes­day’s Feed­back. I haven’t laughed so much for ages. In his de­fence of Mrs May, who was a dread­ful Home Sec­re­tary but is now the most ap­palling Prime Min­is­ter since David Cameron, he claims she “bought time”.

Not quite sure for what. Surely she should be do­ing her, ad­mit­tedly medi­ocre, best to im­prove the lot of the peo­ple of the UK. Sadly she seems to have for­got­ten the NHS, Ed­u­ca­tion, Stu­dent Fund­ing, Trans­port, Power Gen­er­a­tion and Sup­ply and our crum­bling towns and cities. In­stead she sees her job as keep­ing the peace be­tween war­ring fac­tions in the Tory party.

He makes sev­eral er­ro­neous state­ments. One of these is his claim that the Bri­tish peo­ple voted for Brexit. Hate to be picky but only some did.

This wasn’t to ex­tri­cate them­selves from the EU, that he rather fan­ci­fully sug­gests is rem­i­nis­cent of the old USSR, but rather in re­sponse to ap­par­ent but un­proven unchecked im­mi­gra­tion in­creases.

I do agree how­ever with his as­ser­tion that there are no cred­i­ble over­weight buf­foon John­son or David “thick as mince” Davis at the dis­patch box.

The coun­try is lead­er­less, rud­der­less and rapidly be­com­ing in­ter­na­tion­ally ir­rel­e­vant to all those not openly laugh­ing at it.

Greed and “dog eat dog” seem to be the pop­u­lar philoso­phies dom­i­nat­ing our lives and we de­serve bet­ter. If this unattrac­tive bunch can­not or will not put peo­ple be­fore their own petty prej­u­dices then we should get rid of them and soon! POLITI­CIANS are tear­ing this coun­try apart.

Yes, Brexit is a re­al­ity and all MPs should be mak­ing sure we will be well pre­pared when the time comes.

Theresa May is 100% com­mit­ted to get­ting the best deal, but even some who would have a go in her shoes are not to be trusted.

All this dis­ar­ray is play­ing into the hands of the Euro­peans and they are pos­si­bly hop­ing it is not too late to change our minds.

Of course Theresa May is hop­ing to hang on but call­ing for a gen­eral elec­tion was a gam­ble which did not pay off.

MPs should now be con­cen­trat­ing on our fu­ture after Brexit. If we are comb­ing the globe look­ing for trade will our in­dus­tries be up to it to com­pete at prices which will lead to em­ploy­ment and not un­em­ploy­ment?

Wor­ry­ing times, but all par­ties should be row­ing in the same boat, rule Brit­ta­nia.

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