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WORM-like lures such as these 4in Z-Man Hula StickZ are ac­tu­ally what is known as a Stick Bait/ Tube hy­brid and come from a long line of sim­i­lar bass fish­ing fi­nesse rigs, stretch­ing back to the 1960s. Made from a spe­cial type of plas­tic called 10X Tough ElaZtech, they are vir­tu­ally in­de­struc­tible, mak­ing them per­fect for tar­get­ing lure-shred­ding preda­tors! Im­preg­nated with salt for added flavour, this type of lure is quite cu­ri­ous. It takes a leap of faith to use them, be­cause at first glance they don’t seem to of­fer a great deal, un­like a fish-shaped pad­dle-tailed shad, for ex­am­ple. But, what they seem to lack in the hand, they make up for once im­mersed. The con­struc­tion of these lures means that they float. When com­bined with the domed Z-Man’s Fi­nesse Sh­roomZ jig heads cre­at­ing a ‘Ned Rig’, the lure stands ver­ti­cally off the lakebed. Whether this makes them look like a bur­row­ing worm or a feed­ing fish to a hun­gry perch, pike or zan­der isn’t known, but what is known is just how ef­fec­tive these lures are. Avail­able in six colours, they are sup­plied with six to a pack, avail­able from www. The real leap of faith comes when you fish them. The best way is to cast, let the lure sink nat­u­rally un­der its own weight and then ei­ther ‘dead stick’ them (the lure is left still on the bot­tom) or very, very slowly twitch them back, 6in at a time, with lengthy pauses in be­tween. “It took me a while to get the con­fi­dence to put one on and fish it in this way, as it goes against the con­stant ‘cast and re­trieve’ ethos of lure angling,” said IYCF Fea­tures Ed­i­tor Mark Parker. “But, when I got my first three-pounder and a hand­ful of twos on the same day, the first time I used them, my at­ti­tude changed in an in­stant. “They are now one of my favourite ‘go-to lures,” he con­cluded.

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