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Com­mer­cial match an­glers should keep their eyes peeled for these great new prod­ucts from Northamp­ton­shire’s fa­mous Ringer Baits. The lat­est batch of guar­an­teed net-fillers in­cludes pel­lets, bril­liant newly-sized Wafter Hook­baits, and a new twist on a retro bait liq­uid.

Bal­anced Wafters RRP: £4.99

These su­perb crit­i­cally-bal­anced Choco­late Orange hook­baits are ideal for use with a Method feeder, or as sin­gle baits in clear wa­ter con­di­tions. The lat­est 6mm ver­sions are best used with hair rigs and bait bands, or boilie spikes. Eng­land Feeder team in­ter­na­tional Phil Ringer tells us that they are best pre­sented on size 16 Guru QM1 hooks.

Crush RRP: £3.99

Ba­si­cally this is ex­actly what it says on the bag – crushed coarse pel­lets with noth­ing added or taken away. It’s ideal for Method feed­ers in shal­low wa­ter, or for cre­at­ing an at­trac­tive cloud, tip­ping off a pole pot, or pep­ping-up ground­baits.

Caramel Mo­lasses liq­uid RRP: £3.99

Su­per-sweet liq­uid mo­lasses has a proven track record when mixed into ground­baits, or used as a hook­bait glug, es­pe­cially when tar­get­ing bream and skim­mers. The retro favourite has been given added po­tency by Ringer Baits, which has mixed it with caramel to pro­duce an even sweeter, creamier flavour with plenty of fish-pulling po­ten­tial.

Ringers R Pel­lets RRP: £3.49

This lat­est range of Ringers R sink­ing feed pel­lets are of a con­sis­tent size which makes them ideal for loose­feed­ing with by cat­a­pult. The low-oil fish and fish­ery-friendly feeds have a ‘just right’ golden beige colour, and a strong fish­meal aroma per­fect for com­mer­cial carp.

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