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WEL­COME to the lat­est is­sue of IYCF. If the weather fore­cast­ers are to be be­lieved (hm­mmm!) we are in store for one of the cold­est win­ters for sev­eral years. Ad­mit­tedly, these pre­dic­tions are made ev­ery year with­out fail and rarely come true, so as­sum­ing we don’t have to en­dure apoc­a­lyp­tic vol­umes of snow and ice for the next few months there should still be some ex­cel­lent sport to be had. I’ll be hon­est, I strug­gle to muster much en­thu­si­asm for spend­ing nights on the bank chas­ing big carp at this time of year, es­pe­cially when it get darks from 4pm, but the idea of spend­ing a few hours here and there drop shot­ting for perch, rov­ing for chub or fish­ing a well-stocked runs wa­ter for smaller carp is much more ap­peal­ing. It was also great to see plans an­nounced by the En­vi­ron­ment Agency last month which will see changes to the rod li­cence pric­ing struc­ture. From March next year there will fi­nally be a three-rod li­cence avail­able cost­ing £45 and the cur­rent £5 fee for un­der-16s will be scrapped. They will also see 365-day rolling li­cences from the day of pur­chase. Fair play to the En­vi­ron­ment Agency to lis­ten­ing to what an­glers wanted and cre­at­ing what sounds like a much bet­ter rod li­cence struc­ture. As a carp an­gler, I’ve al­ways had to buy two full rod li­cences, which al­lows me to use four rods, to be able to fish just three rods. But I’ve never ac­tu­ally owned a four rod set-up and there are very few venues that ac­tu­ally al­low the use of that many rods. A gripe many carpers have shared! Thank­fully this is now a prob­lem of the past! James Fur­ness Edi­tor

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