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When it comes to fish­ing close to is­lands or the far banks of snake lakes, an­glers are of­ten con­fused as to how close they should ac­tu­ally fish to the fea­ture. Should you fish a cou­ple of feet off or tight to the reeds, for ex­am­ple? The an­swer is that the depth will dic­tate which you choose. In my ex­pe­ri­ence, carp and F1s pre­fer to feed in slightly dif­fer­ent depths. These only vary by a few inches but that dif­fer­ence can be vi­tal. Carp feed best in wa­ter be­tween 9in and 15in while F1s pre­fer it slightly deeper, with 12in-18in a bet­ter op­tion. If I am fish­ing a venue where I ex­pect to catch a mix­ture of both, I will hedge my bets and look for 15in of wa­ter. I will set my float to this depth and then plumb around care­fully to find it. Make sure you are ac­cu­rate and use a ruler to set the depth to 15in. It may sound a touch ob­ses­sive but a ruler is one of the most vi­tal bits of kit you can own and en­cour­ages you be ac­cu­rate in a num­ber of ways. Although I will fish in 15in for a mix­ture of carp and F1s, I will also plumb a line tighter to the is­land that is 12in deep and feed some bait there. This is of­ten the place you will catch big­ger fish later on and, if you see swirls, you can guar­an­tee it will be carp that are responsible. Fi­nally, if you are un­able to find the shal­low wa­ter you re­quire, then start on the bot­tom. Some fish­eries have 3ft of wa­ter even tight up to the is­land and I’ll kick off on the deck. If I miss bites or foul-hook fish, I will shal­low up to half depth.

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