Avoid these com­mon prob­lems by cor­rectly manag­ing your peg

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Lots of an­glers mis­un­der­stand sur­face bub­bling as a sign that fish are rip­ping up the bot­tom. Well, no. They’re ac­tu­ally sit­ting mid-wa­ter, suck­ing and blow­ing hang­ing par­ti­cles and bub­bles re­sult from the air they are blow­ing out. The up­shot is of­ten that you cannot get a bite on the bot­tom, leav­ing you con­fused and frus­trated. The only way back is to start a fresh swim (from the same peg) to the left or right, or fur­ther out. Start feed­ing again lit­tle and of­ten, feel­ing your way into fish.

Line bites

A true bite should gen­er­ally re­sult in the float div­ing un­der. If the float moves un­cer­tainly in any direc­tion or you’re get­ting bites that are light­ning fast and can’t be hit, these are prob­a­bly line bites, caused by fish be­ing in a feed­ing frenzy. It may also be be­cause the F1s have come up in the wa­ter and are flash­ing around. The so­lu­tion is to stop feed­ing for a few min­utes and then slowly start to rein­tro­duce feed. Al­ter­na­tively, feed more pel­lets less reg­u­larly to force them to the bot­tom to at­tract ‘proper’ bites.


This can be a ma­jor headache be­cause you lose fish and may spook the shoal. Even worse is the risk of break­ing ex­pen­sive tackle items such as pole sec­tions. The most com­mon cause is loose­feed­ing too of­ten, which pulls in too many fish that quickly come up off the bot­tom and swirl around snatch­ing at any par­ti­cles up in the wa­ter. Solve this by re­duc­ing the reg­u­lar­ity of loose­feed­ing for a few min­utes and then re­sum­ing feed­ing with more pel­lets but less of­ten than orig­i­nally caused the prob­lem.

Cup­ping pel­lets

Even though air tem­per­a­ture may be on the rise, early-sea­son wa­ter will still be rel­a­tively cold so it’s too soon in the sea­son to kick­start swims with a full 250ml cup of pel­lets, as you would in the height of sum­mer. You’ll end up fill­ing fish and killing the swim be­fore you’ve started. The so­lu­tion is the cat­a­pult which you can use to loose­feed lit­tle and of­ten. A small pole pot may be great for ac­cu­racy but cat­a­pult-fed pel­lets make a plink­ing sound when they hit wa­ter and it is this that at­tracts fish.

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