Rig school: Float leger rig

When there’s a tow on the wa­ter but you still want to fish the float, this rig will guar­an­tee that your hook­bait will re­main static

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THERE are times when the sen­si­tiv­ity of a float is de­sir­able, but un­der­tow can make hold­ing po­si­tion im­pos­si­ble with a nor­mally shot­ted float. This is the ideal sit­u­a­tion to de­ploy a float leger. Ap­pear­ing at first glance to be rather crude, the float leger can be rigged so that it is al­most as sen­si­tive as a nor­mal float rig, or turned into a bolt-rig that makes hit­ting bites a much more re­laxed af­fair. Above all, the float leger is the ideal way to beat un­der­tow in still­wa­ters, mak­ing it an im­por­tant rig for the bud­ding carp, tench or bream an­gler – species which pre­fer an ab­so­lutely static bait. Use strong line and hooks with this rig, and big baits such as worms, bread, or mini boilies. A large bod­ied waggler is re­quired as the buoy­ant stem is less likely to be pulled un­der by the tow. Bites are nor­mally in­di­cated by the float shoot­ing un­der. A good tac­tic is to find the bot­tom of the mar­ginal shelf – where the bot­tom lev­els out – and then set the float slightly overdepth. Now, when you tighten up the line, the float will slowly sink down to the cor­rect po­si­tion and the line will be tight from rod to the leger weight. If you find your­self fish­ing a lake this year with the wind blow­ing straight to­wards you, or from side-to-side, and hold­ing po­si­tion is prov­ing im­pos­si­ble, then try out this very ef­fec­tive, but sur­pris­ingly un­der­used rig to give you the cor­rect bait pre­sen­ta­tion to en­cour­age bites.

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