Improve Your Coarse Fishing (UK) - - Back Off The Feed For Bream -

It’s un­likely that you’ll be able to stick to ex­actly the same at­tack from the first to the last minute and con­tin­u­ously catch. If bites dry up you need to make a tweak to get the fish back on the feed. Pemb has five tricks up his sleeve to help keep the tip go­ing round:


“I al­ways add the loose­feed to my ground­bait as I go along as op­posed to mix­ing it all in at the start. I can then ex­per­i­ment with what is work­ing. If, for ex­am­ple, I am putting lots of cast­ers in the feeder but bites stop, I add more chopped worm.”


“Re­duc­ing or in­creas­ing the size of the feeder will in­tro­duce dif­fer­ent amounts of loose­feed. A tiny two square high feeder can of­ten pro­vide enough bait to get things go­ing again.”


“Mak­ing your ground­bait slightly wet­ter can have a ma­jor im­pact. If your ground­bait is too dry it will ex­plode out of the feeder when it hits the wa­ter which could pull fish off the deck and away from your hook­bait.”


“Have a va­ri­ety of hook­baits and ro­tate be­tween them when bites stop. Worms, mag­gots and cast­ers are a top trio on big reser­voirs.”


“Chang­ing the length of my hook­length has caught me lots of ex­tra fish in the past. If the fish have come close to the feeder and your hook­length is 2ft then you need to shorten it to get the hook­bait closer to the fish. On the flip side, ex­tend­ing it can help if the fish have backed off.”

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