Eileen: will she rum­ble Phe­lan?


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It seems das­tardly Phe­lan is ready to fin­ish off his pris­oner Andy this week – when it tran­spires that he’s al­ready dug a grave!

How­ever, it turns out there could be a fly in his oint­ment, as sus­pi­cious Eileen starts ques­tion­ing her hubby’s odd be­hav­iour, and de­cides to head to Phe­lan’s house project unan­nounced. There, will she un­cover what Phe­lan is do­ing and be the one to save poor, ail­ing Andy?

“Eileen has no­ticed Pat mys­te­ri­ously dis­ap­pear­ing at times re­cently, and con­fided in Ni­cola about how strangely he’s been act­ing,” shares Sue Cleaver, who plays Eileen. “He had that head in­jury, and has seemed more on edge about work. But Ni­cola has man­aged to put her mind at rest so far, in­sist­ing it’s noth­ing to worry about.”

Mean­while, des­per­ately weak Andy is more ter­ri­fied than ever when Phe­lan an­nounces that his grave has been prepared. How­ever, a heart-to-heart with Ni­cola – in which she opens up about her mum and the man she be­lieved was her dad – seems to change Phe­lan’s mind. He dupes the med­i­cal cen­tre into giv­ing him an­tibi­otics, which he se­cretly in­tends to use to treat Andy’s in­fected arm.

Lit­tle does he know there’s trou­ble on the way…

“Eileen finds out from Liz at the med­i­cal cen­tre that Pat has been in to see them, so alarm bells start ring­ing,” says Sue. “Ni­cola calms her down and tells her to visit the house he’s been do­ing up. She gives her the ad­dress – and after Eileen turns up there, Pat is pretty shocked to see her.”

That’s no won­der, since he’s not told Eileen about the house in the first place. But while Phe­lan’s big con­cern is that his wife will stum­ble upon im­pris­oned Andy in the cel­lar, Eileen wants to know why he’s never men­tioned this project, and why he’s been sneak­ing in se­cret vis­its to the doc­tor.

“Eileen is re­ally an­gry that Pat’s kept these things from her,” sighs Sue. “And, cou­pled with his be­hav­iour of late, she’s start­ing to won­der what he’s up to. Pat is good at pulling the wool over peo­ple’s eyes and talk­ing him­self out of sit­u­a­tions like this, though.”

We know how well-versed Phe­lan is in the dark art of du­plic­ity, but with his wife stood right on top of where poor Andy is chained up, is his se­cret set to be un­cov­ered? While Sue is tight-lipped, she ad­mits she wouldn’t be shocked if Phe­lan’s lucky streak con­tin­ues.

“Don’t for­get that Eileen has no idea Pat is a con man and com­pul­sive liar,” she re­minds us. “There are no signs that Andy is in the house – it just looks like an empty build­ing.

“At the mo­ment, it’s ut­terly unimag­in­able to Eileen that Phe­lan is liv­ing this dou­ble life, keep­ing his se­crets and yet get­ting on with his life like ev­ery­thing was nor­mal. But she has no rea­son not to be­lieve what he’s telling her…”

“Eileen has no idea that Pat is a liar and con man”

The bad boy has a change of heart and brings Andy an­tibi­otics

Eileen and Ni­cola were dis­mayed to find Phe­lan blood­ied and bruised re­cently

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