Emma lis­tens to cheat­ing Pete!


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There’s big drama for the Bar­tons this week – after Pete blurts out news of his af­fair with Priya to stunned mum Emma!

Fol­low­ing the wed­ding de­ba­cle, ten­sions are high as Pete is in a bad place emo­tion­ally – and Emma blames Leyla. She can’t be­lieve what hap­pened on the big day, and won’t even coun­te­nance that her boy shoul­der any re­spon­si­bil­ity for the mess that re­sulted.

The prob­lem is that Emma goes way over the top when she makes some caus­tic re­marks about Leyla, and Pete can’t con­trol his anger. He rages against his mother – and stuns her by re­veal­ing that Leyla is in­no­cent since it was his af­fair with Priya that wrecked their hap­pi­ness.

Pete’s ad­mis­sion is a sting­ing re­minder for Emma of her for­mer hus­band James. In her son, she sees the same cheat­ing na­ture that de­stroyed her own mar­riage, and it’s enough to up­set her frag­ile emo­tional bal­ance. Emma is barely cling­ing to san­ity, so to hear that her steady and re­li­able son is just as de­ceit­ful as James sends her reel­ing.

That’s bad news for Priya, who is un­lucky enough to bump into Emma af­ter­wards and re­ceive a se­ri­ous dress­ing­down. As far as Emma is con­cerned, Priya is just as much to blame for what hap­pened to Pete and Leyla as Moira was for the ruin of her and James’ love story.

Priya is deeply dis­turbed by Emma’s re­ac­tion, and wor­ries that it won’t be long be­fore she puts Leyla in the pic­ture. Will furious Emma be­tray Pete’s con­fi­dence just to pun­ish Priya?

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