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Char­ity and Deb­bie hope to im­press a po­ten­tial new client this week – but their high-pow­ered busi­ness meet­ing quickly de­scends into a moth­er­daugh­ter slang­ing match!

When Deb­bie finds out that her mum has ar­ranged a ren­dezvous at a posh ho­tel with­out her, she’s keen to tag along so she can take charge of pro­ceed­ings. And it’s a good job Deb­bie’s there – be­cause in true Char­ity fash­ion, she’s soon flirt­ing up a storm with their hand­some new client…

“The poor guy doesn’t know what he’s let him­self in for!” chuck­les our Dales snoop. “Both Char­ity and Deb­bie are de­ter­mined to be in charge, which doesn’t make for a very pro­duc­tive meet­ing. It’s clear they have very dif­fer­ent ideas on how to win him over, as Deb­bie tries to wow him with their busi­ness acu­men – while Char­ity just tries to se­duce him!”

While the ladies com­pete for their cus­tomer’s at­ten­tion, Deb­bie soon tires of her mum’s old tricks, and qui­etly be­rates her for em­bar­rass­ing her­self. Char­ity pays no heed to her daugh­ter’s warn­ing, though, and con­tin­ues her out­ra­geous be­hav­iour – prompt­ing Deb­bie to fi­nally snap.

Once her mother’s back is turned, the sneaky Din­gle dame tells the ho­tel maître d’ that Char­ity is a call girl! Her stunt has the de­sired ef­fect, and Char­ity is swiftly ejected from the posh es­tab­lish­ment – paving the way for Deb­bie to woo the client her own way.

How­ever, while she suc­cess­fully ne­go­ti­ates a deal, Deb­bie’s smug­ness doesn’t last long – be­cause when she heads out­side to give the cus­tomer a test-drive of their swish Bent­ley, she dis­cov­ers some­one has stolen it!

“This sit­u­a­tion is more than a lit­tle em­bar­rass­ing for poor Deb­bie,” ad­mits our snitch. “She’s just spent the af­ter­noon try­ing to con­vince this guy to sign up to their car-leasing com­pany, and now she doesn’t even have a car to show him! She knows this is re­ally bad for busi­ness, and could po­ten­tially cost them a packet if word gets out – not to men­tion the fact that she’s now one car down.”

Not only that, but Deb­bie is stranded at the posh ho­tel with no way of get­ting home. Will any­one come to the res­cue in her hour of need? And fol­low­ing Char­ity’s hu­mil­i­a­tion at the hands of her ruth­less daugh­ter, where ex­actly has she got to?

“Deb­bie tries to win him over as Char­ity tries to se­duce him!”

The ladies’ client seems de­lighted with their dual at­ten­tion

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