Baby joy or pain for Nell & Jai?

Is Jai’s new ro­mance ev­ery­thing that it seems? Scar­lett Archer and Chris Bis­son dis­cuss…

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When Jai Sharma got to­gether with trou­bled lass Nell, there was a lot of re­sis­tance to the re­la­tion­ship. And as stars Chris Bis­son and Scar­lett Archer re­veal, it wasn’t just from

Jai’s fam­ily and friends on screen…

“Oh, the fans have been sus­pi­cious of Nell from the start,” laughs Chris, as we join him and co-star Scar­lett in Emmerdale vil­lage for a good gossip.

“I think it’s be­cause Nell seemed to have come from nowhere,” chips in Scar­lett. “Peo­ple were like, ‘Who is this per­son in my liv­ing room?’”

Well, the prophets of doom are go­ing to have plenty to oc­cupy them this week, as the pair’s re­la­tion­ship steps up a gear – and then an­other gear!

Not only does Nell re­veal that she’s preg­nant, but stunned Jai finds him­self con­sid­er­ing a mar­riage pro­posal. So will there be a happy ever after? We quizzed the two stars to find out…

Hi, guys! So, Jai and Nell – is it love?

Chris Jai has to come round to the idea of mar­riage quicker than he’d like to! But I think it’s that soap thing where the man is be­hind the curve, and has to catch up emo­tion­ally to make the right de­ci­sion.

Does Nell think she’s found her Prince Charm­ing? Or is it Jai’s sup­port that she craves more?

Scar­lett Good ques­tion! I think at first it was the sup­port, as she was in a bad place in that first NA meet­ing. Jai gave her his coat and was just so kind to her.

Chris Nell likes his fam­ily en­vi­ron­ment, which we touch on a cou­ple of times. She’s never had that and now she feels se­cure, and that’s im­por­tant to her.

Scar­lett, do you think Nell would like a big white wed­ding with all the tra­di­tional trim­mings?

Scar­lett Yeah, she comes from a hard back­ground so I think she’s al­ways dreamed of hav­ing a big wed­ding, and a baby. I think she’s quite tra­di­tional in a sense, and it just seems like ev­ery­thing is fall­ing into place. It’s ex­cit­ing.


Jai is no stranger to a soap wed­ding! Are you up for an­other one, Chris?

Chris I think so, as his last wed­ding was off cam­era to Me­gan [laughs].

We pulled up out­side the Wool­pack and went, “Hey we got mar­ried!”. And the time be­fore that with Char­ity was a big do… so I do like a soap wed­ding, yeah. It’s al­ways a dis­as­ter, so it’s guar­an­teed fun.

In­deed, Jai is po­ten­tially hurtling to­wards his third Dales mar­riage after Nell tells him she’s ex­pect­ing. How­ever, the ter­ri­fied look on her man’s face says it all – and when his dad Rishi also struggles to mask his dis­ap­proval, it leads to a con­fronta­tion be­tween the cou­ple.

But as Jai re­alises that he doesn’t want to lose Nell, he heads into town to buy an en­gage­ment ring. And when he’s drawn to a depart­ment store to look at baby clothes, his sit­u­a­tion sud­denly be­comes a lot clearer…

Would you agree that Jai is a changed man, Chris?

Chris He seems to have got over his caging fetish [re­fer­ring to when Jai locked ex-wife Char­ity in a ship­ping con­tainer]! So yes, I think he’s seen the er­ror of his ways. Jai was never a bad char­ac­ter – he just went off the rails. Cir­cum­stances took him in a di­rec­tion that he prob­a­bly didn’t want to go in.

Do you both fol­low so­cial me­dia to keep on top of how peo­ple are re­spond­ing to the char­ac­ters?

Chris A dig­i­tal team at ITV mon­i­tor what peo­ple say about any char­ac­ter.

It’s been in­ter­est­ing to see view­ers go from hat­ing Jai to to be­ing on his side.

Scar­lett I used to check Twitter, but now I don’t as I’d drive my­self crazy. The peo­ple that I speak to in per­son are just so lovely and nice – but you do have one or two on­line who are not so nice.

Are you recog­nised a lot more since you joined Emmerdale, Scar­lett?

Scar­lett I don’t tend to be spot­ted that much, as I look a bit dif­fer­ent to Nell in real life. Although if I’m hun­gover and go to my lo­cal Sains­bury’s, some­one might say, “You’re that Emmerdale girl… I wouldn’t recog­nise you if you looked nice”. And I’m like, “Oh… thank you”!

Chris, you must be thrilled that peo­ple feel pro­tec­tive of Jai in this sit­u­a­tion with Nell, given how they might have felt about him be­fore?

Chris Well he’s been the vil­lain for a while, so it’s fas­ci­nat­ing to watch. It’s an in­ter­est­ing jour­ney to go on, be­cause Jai wasn’t nice for a very long time.

Have you learned to take ev­ery­thing with a pinch of salt over the years?

Chris The thing is, they ei­ther love you or hate you. It’s worse when no one cares – that’s when the pro­ducer starts cross­ing your name off the list!

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