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HARRY VISI­NONI Corrie’s Seb Franklin ...faces your ques­tions! They AN­SWER!

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“What was your very first pro­fes­sional act­ing job?”

We still have a lot to learn about re­bel­lious Seb, but 18-year-old actor Harry, who plays the lad, is ready and will­ing to an­swer your ques­tions…

“How did you get into act­ing?”

It’s ac­tu­ally thanks to my good friend Matthew Kennedy. I’d just joined a new school and he told me to get stuck into the play they were putting on, and it all kicked off. It got to the point where I didn’t want to do any­thing else, as I thought that it would be bor­ing com­pared with act­ing! Matthew has been fol­low­ing me on Corrie, and

I owe it all to him, re­ally.

“Did you watch Corrie grow­ing up?”

I did, yeah. It’s al­ways been on my fam­ily telly down­stairs. That meant it was pretty crazy when I got the job there, be­cause I came in and felt like I al­ready knew ev­ery­thing about it!

“If you could play an­other char­ac­ter for a day, who would it be?”

I re­mem­ber Char­lie Stubbs from back in the day, and his story with Tracy. He was a pretty cool char­ac­ter, and I liked the whole psy­chopath thing he had go­ing on. Ev­ery­one hated him – and it would be in­ter­est­ing to have a chance to make ev­ery­one hate you!

“What was your very first pro­fes­sional act­ing job?”

It was last year – I did an episode of Doc­tors.

I played an emo kid who’d just found out that his mum was a pros­ti­tute. It was nice be­cause I had a cou­ple of days film­ing out on lo­ca­tion, and it def­i­nitely didn’t dis­ap­point for my first job in act­ing.

“Do you have a se­cret tal­ent?”

Yeah, but it’s a se­cret… I’m jok­ing! I make a bit of mu­sic in my spare time. I’ve slowly been get­ting into pro­duc­tion, and I do a bit of rap­ping and sam­pling. My job has granted me the flex­i­bil­ity to get into stuff like that, so that’s what I’ve been do­ing. But I’m not claim­ing to be any sort of prodigy!

“What was the last thing that you splashed out on?”

I went to Am­s­ter­dam with my friends over Easter. We were there for a week, and it was an ab­so­lute blast!

“What do you like to do on your days off from work?”

Ab­so­lutely noth­ing! Or go for a pint with mates, I sup­pose.

“Do you think Seb is good at heart, or more of a bad boy?”

Peo­ple can be messed up, and I guess that’s what Seb is. He has some is­sues, and man­ages to deal with them by tak­ing it out on oth­ers. I think he’s a good boy, re­ally, just dis­guised in a bad-boy per­sona.

“Can we expect to one day see some mem­bers of Seb’s fam­ily turn­ing up in Weather­field?”

Who knows! I’m sure that he does have a fam­ily some­where, so it would be cool to meet them, for sure. Maybe his back­ground could pro­vide an ex­pla­na­tion for his strange be­hav­iour…

“What is it that you most en­joy about work­ing with El­lie Leach [who plays Faye]?”

It’s just easy! We get on and have ban­ter, and don’t re­ally have to try very hard. She’s my mate and def­i­nitely helped me set­tle in and feel com­fort­able, which is what you want.

“If you could join a band, which group would you most like to be a part of ?”

I would like to be a re­ally outof-place mem­ber of the Wu­tang Clan. They’re a hip-hop col­lec­tive from back in the day, and I just re­ally rate them.

“How have you coped with the recog­ni­tion that comes from be­ing on the cob­bles?”

It’s sort of steadily in­creased. It’s pretty funny, be­cause I never ex­pected it to hap­pen to me!

It’s weird go­ing to Wether­spoon’s and hav­ing peo­ple come over to tell me they know who I am. But ev­ery­one has been nice, and hear­ing I’m do­ing a good job gives me con­fi­dence.

“How did you feel on your first day on the Corrie set?”

Re­ally ner­vous and in­tim­i­dated –

I was join­ing a show full of peo­ple that I’ve been watch­ing all my life! But it was re­ally ex­cit­ing at the same time, and it’s funny look­ing back, be­cause I’m com­fort­able and set­tled in now!

“Where in the world would you most like to visit?”

I think that I would fit in well in the Caribbean, just chill­ing on a beach.

“What ad­vice would you give other young ac­tors?”

Have no fear, and just go for it!

“What do you en­joy most about work­ing with El­lie Leach [Faye]?”

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