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We love how Corrie has de­liv­ered some epic shocks this year – not least the rev­e­la­tion that Michelle and Robert’s tor­men­tor is her ex-boyfriend, Will. So when we were given the chance to quiz actor Leon Ockenden about Will’s freshly un­veiled dark side, we were very ex­cited. Just as ex­cited as Leon is about be­ing at the cen­tre of one of the Street’s big dra­mas…

“It is de­li­cious to be the baddy!” en­thuses the star, as we catch up at the Corrie stu­dios for a proper gossip. “There was some flirt­ing that went on be­tween

Corrie and me when they were pitch­ing this story via my agent. They’d ask, ‘Are you in­ter­ested in com­ing back?’, and I’d say, ‘Have you got some­thing in­ter­est­ing for me?’, and they’d say, ‘Po­ten­tially, and very dark!’ and I’d go, ‘That sounds good!’. When I left,

I had no idea that Will would be back.”

Dur­ing his first stint in the show, Will was a sym­pa­thetic char­ac­ter, de­spite be­ing Steve Mc­don­ald’s love ri­val. We knew he deeply loved Michelle, and that he wanted to give her the hap­pi­ness miss­ing from her mar­riage. But that de­vo­tion has been twisted into a bru­tal cam­paign of ter­ror.

“There was al­ways that in­ten­sity to him,” re­veals Leon. “I was talk­ing to one of the fa­thers at my daugh­ter’s school who is a foren­sic psy­chol­o­gist, and he ex­plained that a stalker you’ve been ro­man­ti­cally in­volved with is the most dangerous type. They feel they have some own­er­ship over the per­son who they’re fix­ated on.

“What pro­voked this for Will, in my mind, is that he un­der­stood Michelle’s de­ci­sion to go back to Steve, but she didn’t get in touch with him when all the bad things hap­pened, and now she’s gone off with Robert. Will has been lead­ing a soli­tary life since he split from his fi­ancée, and has been com­ing up with far too many ideas!”

In Will’s mind, he just needs to get rid of Robert and win back Michelle – and he doesn’t care how far he has to go to do it. He ups the ante again this week when he plants drugs in the Bistro, in a bid to get Robert be­hind bars (see p24). What’s more dis­turb­ing, though, is he thinks ev­ery­thing he’s do­ing is in Michelle’s best in­ter­ests.

“Will wants to give Michelle a nice life!” in­sists Leon. “He’s ab­so­lutely con­vinced she’d be bet­ter off with him. He’s just work­ing through ob­sta­cles to make this hap­pen. He’s an ar­chi­tect, so he can build Michelle a palace, un­like Steve or Robert. I know two ar­chi­tects very well and they both have a sim­i­lar side to them – never trust any­one who can draw too good of a straight line!”

The cli­max of this story prom­ises to be pretty spec­tac­u­lar, and Leon re­veals he’s been work­ing in a cool lo­ca­tion to film it.

“Will’s house is even more im­pres­sive than the last one – there’s a swim­ming pool in the base­ment!” he says. “Ev­ery­thing will come to a head there, and I’ve been able to ful­fil some child­hood dreams of do­ing ac­tion fan­tasy se­quences and stunts. There’s no com­ing back from this for Will – but I don’t want to be James Bond, I want to be the vil­lain! It’s more fun to play.”

Leon is in good com­pany, too, as he re­veals that he’s great pals with Con­nor Mcin­tyre, who plays wicked Phe­lan.

“Con­nor is the walk­ing cliché of the nicest actor play­ing the vil­lain,” grins the star. “We have big teddy bear hugs when we see each other, and tell each other what dev­ilry we’re get­ting up to!”

I’ve been able to ful­fil my child­hood dreams of do­ing stunts!

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