Miss­ing... pre­sumed dead?


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As the dust set­tles on the Square, it be­comes clear that not all the lo­cals are ac­counted for – prompt­ing an anx­ious search by their fam­i­lies.

Martin’s blood­ied face says it all as he screams for his preg­nant wife Stacey, while Jay can’t hold him­self back once Phil’s near­est and dear­est re­alise that he’s nowhere to be seen. But is it al­ready too late to find the muchloved pair alive?

“Imag­ine every­one’s hor­ror – Phil and Stacey could be in any kind of state,” sighs our sneak. “Hav­ing no idea where they are, or how badly they’re hurt, is dev­as­tat­ing. Their loved ones will do any­thing to find them – but with the area in bits, where do they start?”

While Martin ap­pears in­jured him­self, noth­ing will stop him from try­ing to get to his beloved Stace and their un­born child. She’s stand­ing next to him as the protest kicks off, but the cou­ple ap­pear to have been sep­a­rated at some point prior to the blast. She surely can’t be too far away – but are she and her baby safe?

There’s also panic for the Mitchells as they gather at the edge of the de­bris – and upon dis­cov­er­ing that Phil was very close to the gas main when it blew, they can’t help but fear the worst…

“With emer­gency ser­vices rush­ing to the scene, it won’t be long be­fore the whole area is cor­doned off,” muses our in­for­mant. “So as the clock ticks on their fran­tic search, can Martin and the Mitchells get to Stacey and Phil be­fore it’s too late?”

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