Stacey’s baby drama!

Will her daugh­ter sur­vive?

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“Stacey’s health de­te­ri­o­rates with no warn­ing”

Stacey is rushed into hospi­tal this week, as com­pli­ca­tions threaten her preg­nancy and doc­tors are given no choice but to de­liver her baby early.

Martin is over­come with emo­tion when he learns they have a daugh­ter – but with both mother and baby in crit­i­cal con­di­tion, the dis­traught dad is forced to con­tem­plate the fact that they might not make it…

“What hap­pens is re­ally se­ri­ous –

Stacey and the baby’s lives are at risk,” ex­plains ac­tress Lacey Turner, who plays the fran­tic mum. “It’s a big shock, as her health de­te­ri­o­rates with no warn­ing, and that’s re­ally fright­en­ing for ev­ery­one.”

The cri­sis un­folds after Stacey learns that it was Carmel who called so­cial ser­vices to re­port the bruis­ing she found on lit­tle Arthur’s arm re­cently. The author­i­ties stepped in and briefly took Stacey’s kids away while they in­ves­ti­gated the mat­ter, though they later cleared the Fowlers of any wrong­do­ing. The fam­ily are told to ex­pect reg­u­lar mon­i­tor­ing from the so­cial, though – and Stacey hits the roof when she learns Arthur’s grand­mother is to blame.

“I think that at this point, Stacey is just very an­gry with Carmel,” sighs Lacey. “She wishes that she’d come to her in­stead of jump­ing to con­clu­sions – but she didn’t.”

How­ever, as the women face off, more drama strikes after Stacey has a seizure.

“I think a com­bi­na­tion of things con­trib­ute to what hap­pens,” says Lacey. “Stacey’s been do­ing too much and has been un­der so much pres­sure – she’s got two lit­tle kids, she’s heav­ily preg­nant, Martin’s been in prison, and now all of this with Carmel has sent her blood pres­sure sky high.

“When she gets to hospi­tal, they find out Stacey has preeclamp­sia, which is re­spon­si­ble for bring­ing on the seizure,” con­tin­ues Lacey. “The doc­tors make it clear that Stacey’s baby needs to be de­liv­ered as soon as pos­si­ble, both for her sake and their child’s.”

It’s touch-and-go for Stacey ini­tially, but thank­fully she comes through the emer­gency C-sec­tion. How­ever, her daugh­ter faces a des­per­ate fight for sur­vival after be­ing rushed into in­ten­sive care – and Martin is at his wits’ end as Stacey re­fuses to visit her.

“To be hon­est, she’s just so ex­hausted and hazy from the seizure that she’s only re­ally hear­ing snip­pets of what the doc­tor and Martin are talk­ing about,” re­veals Lacey. “Stacey’s big­gest fear is that the baby won’t sur­vive – and I think she’d rather the baby lived in­stead of her if it came to it. She goes into a ma­jor panic.”

After talk­ing with Martin some more, Stacey sum­mons the courage to see her new daugh­ter. How­ever, as the sever­ity of the sit­u­a­tion dawns on them, Stacey strug­gles to hold things to­gether, tak­ing her frus­tra­tions out on her hus­band. And when Martin storms out, Max ends up be­ing Stacey’s shoul­der to cry on.

“Stacey feels a cer­tain guilt to­wards Martin,” Lacey tells us. “All he wanted was a baby of their own, and that’s what she des­per­ately wanted to give him – but now she feels that she hasn’t even been able to do that prop­erly. On top of that, fear is an­other

rea­son that she just can’t open up to him. She’s scared to get close to the baby in case they aren’t able to take her home.

“Mean­while, it’s re­ally easy for Stacey to talk to Max,” con­tin­ues the ac­tress. “They have this weird friend­ship that means they’re able to con­fide in each other.”

With Martin and Stacey at log­ger­heads and their baby’s life hang­ing in the bal­ance, are the Fowlers strong enough to cope if fate should deal them an­other cruel hand?

Or is there still hope that their lit­tle one will sur­vive and their lives can get back to nor­mal?

This drama has come out of nowhere for the be­lea­guered par­ents

Martin is by Stacey’s side, but can he con­sole his wife?

Martin has trou­ble con­vinc­ing Stacey to visit their daugh­ter

Max and Stacey have a long and con­vo­luted his­tory

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