Billy’s tem­per flares


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Billy and Todd face their first big test as Sum­mer’s guardians this week, after the school­girl smokes a strange cig­a­rette and passes out!

How­ever, it’s not just Sum­mer’s ac­tions that have hor­ri­fy­ing con­se­quences, as Billy flies into a rage and vi­ciously at­tacks Peter – when it’s re­vealed that his son Si­mon dared Sum­mer to puff on the dodgy fag in the first place!

“Billy sees Sum­mer be­ing loaded into an am­bu­lance, and he is ter­ri­fied,” sighs ac­tor Daniel Brock­le­bank, who plays him. “He promised Sum­mer’s late dad, Drew, that he would take care of her – and within a few months of him tak­ing her on, Sum­mer is in hospi­tal. Not only is Billy wor­ried about her, but he has also been un­able to keep his prom­ise.

“So Billy sees red. He loses his tem­per and re­acts in a way that not only shocks Peter, but shocks him­self.”

Since los­ing her fa­ther and mov­ing in with Billy and Todd, plucky Sum­mer has been cop­ing as best as any young girl can in her sit­u­a­tion. But as Drew’s birth­day ap­proaches this week, she feels low – and is more des­per­ate than ever to fit in with her peers.

When Si­mon finds the cig­a­rette in the school chang­ing rooms, Sum­mer pock­ets it – and is later found

Sum­mer is loaded into an am­bu­lance – Billy is ter­ri­fied!”

slumped un­con­scious. Billy and Todd wait anx­iously after she is rushed to A&E, while sheep­ish Si­mon con­fesses his in­volve­ment to Peter and Toyah.

Peter later calls into Billy and Todd’s flat to ad­mit the truth of what hap­pened, and that’s when the irate vicar loses his tem­per and punches the Rovers land­lord to the ground!

“It’s rare that Billy’s tem­per flares, but he does have one – and that was a choice of mine when I first started on the show,” ex­plains Daniel. “A lot of TV vi­cars I have seen are a bit wet and sipid, and it was im­por­tant for me that Billy wasn’t that. Yes, he is a vicar, and that is a vo­ca­tional po­si­tion – but that doesn’t mean that Billy isn’t flawed. There is a side to him that he’s tried to sup­press for var­i­ous rea­sons, which will come out in other ways later on…

“Todd is hor­ri­fied,” adds the star. “He’s not an an­gel nor blame­less in a lot of ways, but he’s flab­ber­gasted as Billy’s ac­tions could put their ap­pli­ca­tion to fully adopt Sum­mer at risk.”

After the re­al­ity of what he’s done sinks in, Billy heads straight to the Rovers and of­fers Peter his heart­felt apol­ogy. But will he agree to for­give and for­get, or should Billy pre­pare him­self for a visit from the boys in blue?

Amy and Si­mon find their pal in the gin­nel

Billy and Todd wait for news of Sum­mer’s con­di­tion at the hospi­tal

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