Robert wants Chrissie run over!


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Evil Robert pre­pares to get rid of med­dling ex Chrissie this week – by or­der­ing her mur­der!

Chrissie’s re­turn to Home Farm has thrown Robert’s plan into chaos, and his hold over Re­becca and Lawrence is slip­ping. His only hope is to re­move Chrissie, and then com­plete the fake in­vestor plan that will put con­trol of the es­tate into his hands. Lit­tle does Chrissie know that the man she used to love is now or­ches­trat­ing her death…

“There’s a fine line be­tween love and hate, and Robert and Chrissie have been on both sides of it,” com­ments our Dales mole. “These days, his loathing of the Whites is the only thing keep­ing Robert go­ing – he’s lost ev­ery­thing else. With­out Aaron, Robert is a man on the edge, and his dark side is tak­ing over.”

The White fam­ily are try­ing to keep Home Farm in profit by get­ting an out­side in­vestor to put money into the busi­ness. They don’t know that Robert has set up the whole thing, and that in­vestor Kath is sim­ply a stooge. While Re­becca blindly trusts it all, Chrissie smells a rat and in­sists on get­ting in­volved in her new ca­pac­ity. This is Robert’s worst night­mare be­cause naive Re­becca is easy to hood­wink, but Chrissie knows busi­ness and will be able to un­earth the scam.

Sure enough, Chrissie starts to do a bit of dig­ging into Kath and her com­pany RTB – but fails to find any in­for­ma­tion on­line. She heads to the meet­ing armed with ques­tions, and im­me­di­ately men­tions Robert to try to pro­voke a re­ac­tion. How­ever, Kath calls her bluff and acts of­fended – storm­ing out and call­ing off the agree­ment, much to Re­becca’s hor­ror. Then, Robert sees a shock­ing op­por­tu­nity to seal the deal when it comes to Chrissie, as he dis­cov­ers some­one is back in the vil­lage – Chrissie’s venge­ful un­cle, Tim!

“Tim is con­sumed with ha­tred and bit­ter­ness to­wards

Robert is a man on the edge, and his dark side is tak­ing over”

the Whites,” re­veals our spy. “He tells Robert that he has noth­ing left, and needs help. That’s when Robert makes him a shock­ing of­fer: ‘Drive your car straight at Chrissie and I’ll pay you!’”

Mean­while, Chrissie and Re­becca ap­proach Kath to try to make amends – and the three women start walk­ing across Main Street. As they go, Kath de­lib­er­ately drops her keys and Chrissie stops to re­trieve them – but then her un­cle Tim comes speed­ing to­wards her in his mo­tor! Is this the end for Chrissie?

Chrissie had bet­ter turn around – Robert might stab her in the back!

Re­becca is more eas­ily fooled than her older sis­ter

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