Louise Mar­wood

“Chrissie knows that Lach­lan is del­i­cate…”

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Chrissie is ter­ri­fied that Lach­lan is sui­ci­dal this week, af­ter her beloved son records a tear­ful good­bye mes­sage and goes miss­ing.

The drama comes as Lach­lan’s con­sum­ing rage be­comes ever more clear to Aaron. Aaron re­alises that he has to let Belle know what her boyfriend is ca­pa­ble of, and doesn’t hold back when he re­veals that Lach­lan al­most hurt his lit­tle cousin Seb and even hired a pros­ti­tute. So af­ter Lach­lan leaves an emo­tional farewell on Belle’s phone and then van­ishes, Chrissie is at her wits’ end…

“Lach­lan claims that he’s not com­ing back, and Chrissie as­sumes the worst,” sighs Louise Mar­wood, who plays Chrissie. “She knows Lach­lan is del­i­cate, and she’s con­cerned about what he’s ca­pa­ble of in terms of self­harm. She wor­ries about him all the time, that he might hurt him­self or do some­thing stupid. But he’s never done some­thing like this be­fore.”

When she’s in­formed by po­lice that there’s no sign of Lach­lan, Chrissie can barely con­tain her panic. She tries to con­vince her­self that her son will be fine – but based on Lach­lan’s past be­hav­iour, it’s an up­hill strug­gle.

“When Chrissie finds out about the pros­ti­tute, she’s hor­ri­fied,” re­veals Louise. “She’s Lach­lan’s mum, and I don’t think any mother would want to hear that about their son. And who knows what else Lach­lan is ca­pa­ble of? He’s an­gry, and wants to lash out and hurt peo­ple. It’s so hard to know how he’ll re­act to any­thing.”

While Chrissie can only wring her hands and wait for news, Louise has a few words of ad­vice for her al­ter ego if this all turns out to be a false alarm.

“Chrissie has been very over­pro­tec­tive of Lach­lan and never made him ac­count­able for his be­hav­iour,” muses the star. “She’s pay­ing the price for that now. So if I was her, I’d stop pan­der­ing. Make Lach­lan stand on his own two feet and live in the real world!

“But if he re­ally is se­ri­ous this time, I hope Chrissie can stop Lach­lan from do­ing his worst,” adds Louise. “I’m not sure if she can – she’s never been able to be­fore…”

Chrissie needs to make Lach­lan stand on his own two feet!”

Lach­lan has been shamed in front of Belle…

…but is that enough for him to take his own life?

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