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“Whit­ney is like Gol­lum from Lord Of The Rings!”

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To be hon­est, I al­ways pre­ferred Westlife to Blue!” gig­gles Easten­ders star Shona Mc­garty, aka Whit­ney, when we quiz her on what it’s like to have pop star

Lee Ryan – who plays Woody – as an on-screen love in­ter­est. “Lee wasn’t best pleased when I told him that! But it’s been great fun work­ing with him – he’s al­ways singing on set and has been known to belt out All Rise! Some­times

I’ll join in and we’ll do a lit­tle duet.”

It may be fun and games be­hind the scenes, but life is no bed of roses for Whit­ney and Woody this week – af­ter Moose, an old pal of Whit’s soon-tobe-ex-hubby Lee, turns up and causes trouble! So what brings him to Walford?

“He just ar­rives out of the blue – Whit­ney doesn’t even know that he’s com­ing,” ex­plains Shona. “She’s a bit puz­zled about what he’s do­ing there, but Mick is happy to see him and they get on well, so Whit­ney en­joys that.”

Mick may be pleased to see Moose, but Woody isn’t! It doesn’t escape his no­tice that his fi­ancée is pay­ing a lot of at­ten­tion to Moose, and the green-eyed mon­ster soon rears its ugly head.

“Whit­ney finds Moose hi­lar­i­ous and laughs at all of his jokes, which Woody doesn’t like at all!” Shona tells us. “But it’s only when Woody starts ask­ing things like, ‘Why is he here?’, and,

‘Will he be stay­ing for long?’ that Whit­ney re­alises that he’s jeal­ous – and she tells him to stop be­ing silly.”

How­ever, when Moose lets slip to Woody that Whit­ney’s di­vorce pa­pers have just come through from Lee, all hell breaks loose for the cou­ple.

“Whit­ney ac­tu­ally only re­ceives the pa­pers that morn­ing – she wants to tell Woody her­self, but Moose beats her to it,” sighs Shona. “At this point, Whit­ney sees a side of Woody that she’s never seen be­fore. He’s jeal­ous, and I think she al­most finds him a lit­tle bit con­trol­ling. He’s quite needy, too, and she re­ally doesn’t like that.”

Quite frankly, we’re not sur­prised that the pair’s re­la­tion­ship has hit the rocks al­ready, con­sid­er­ing how quickly they rushed into their en­gage­ment.

And Shona has a few words of cau­tion for her naive al­ter ego…

“I would tell her to slow down,” she ad­vises. “Whit­ney needs to just be alone and get to know her­self bet­ter – how can any­body else love her if she doesn’t love her­self? Whit­ney has al­ways been the type of per­son who needs to feel ap­pre­ci­ated and loved be­cause she doesn’t like be­ing on her own. But I’d like to see her have some fun!”

Sadly, there hasn’t been much fun for Whit­ney at the Vic re­cently, af­ter Linda dis­cov­ered that she’d shared some steamy snogs with her hubby Mick! And Shona wishes things had turned out dif­fer­ently be­tween the two women.

“It’s quite sad re­ally, be­cause Linda al­ways saw Whit­ney as the girlie daugh­ter she never had,” the ac­tress re­minds us. “But Whit­ney is gen­uinely sorry for what she’s done. She had a mo­ment of mad­ness, and all she wants is for Linda to for­give her. She’s try­ing to make things right, but she doesn’t blame Linda for not for­giv­ing her straight away. She knows that their re­la­tion­ship will never be the way it was be­fore.”

And Linda isn’t the only friend Whit­ney’s los­ing, as her best mate Lau­ren is due to leave the Square in the next cou­ple of months. Yet Shona al­ready has a new close pal lined up for Whit…

“I’ve al­ways loved her friend­ship with Stacey,” grins the star, who’s been play­ing Whit­ney since 2008. “It is sad that Lau­ren is go­ing, be­cause her and Whit­ney are such good mates. Whit is go­ing to need some­one else to talk to, so I’d def­i­nitely like to see more scenes be­tween her and Stacey. And I’d also like Whit­ney to get her feisti­ness back – she needs some back­bone in 2018, and to stand up for her­self a bit more!”

Whit finds Woody quite needy – she doesn’t like that at all

Wood­pecker: Linda in­ter­venes when Moose ruf­fles Woody’s feathers

Moose lips sink Whits: She stands to spoil her re­la­tion­ship if she gets too close to her pal

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