David teaches Lee a les­son…


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There’s a vi­cious at­tack on the cob­bles this week, as David makes Billy’s brother Lee pay for once hurt­ing Sarah.

Lee is back on the cob­bles thanks to Billy’s de­scent into painkiller ad­dic­tion, and David isn’t happy that the man who took his sis­ter hostage is again roam­ing the neigh­bour­hood. So he en­lists the help of Josh – who is dis­turbingly en­thu­si­as­tic about the chance to put the fright­en­ers on Lee. But as the two men cor­ner Lee in an aban­doned garage, is David in over his head?

“While David has done plenty of sin­is­ter things in his time, this at­tack on Lee is quite dif­fer­ent,” shares our Street snitch. “What hap­pened be­tween Lee and Sarah was quite a while ago, and it’s a grudge that re­ally doesn’t need to be re­vis­ited. But David keeps get­ting egged on by Josh, who seems to rel­ish the chance to in­flict pain on de­fence­less Lee. It shows a pretty scary side to him.”

Be­fore Lee’s bru­tal en­counter with David, he’s back in Billy’s life af­ter the strung-out vicar makes a des­per­ate plea for help. Billy is go­ing through ag­o­nis­ing with­drawal from his painkiller med­i­ca­tion, and the process is hell on earth. In a mo­ment of mad­ness, Billy calls Lee and begs him to meet up in a lo­cal ceme­tery so they can talk. And once there, Billy shocks Lee with an out-of-char­ac­ter re­quest…

“When Billy re­turns from see­ing Lee, he’s a changed man,” shares our in­sider. “He’s upbeat and chip­per, a far cry from the sweaty, shaky pa­tient he was ear­lier in the day. It’s hard to know what to think, and his friend Eileen is wor­ried – she wants an­swers from

Billy. He in­sists that it sim­ply be­came clear that his main fo­cus has to be Sum­mer, and he’s got his act to­gether for her. But the words ring hol­low.”

Sadly, the ef­fect of what’s hap­pened in their lives has rocked Sum­mer to her core, and Billy is heart­bro­ken to

David is egged on by Josh, who seems to rel­ish in­flict­ing pain”

dis­cover she’s now bot­tom of her class at school. He knows he can’t af­ford to let things slide any fur­ther, and rings Lee to beg for more drugs – which is when Sarah spots her one­time kid­nap­per. She’s ter­ri­fied, and rushes to tell David that Billy’s brother is back in town. Lit­tle does Sarah know that she’s set in mo­tion a chain of events they’ll all live to re­gret…

Lee is blind­sided as David and Josh bun­dle him into a van the next day, but he’s about to be taught a painful les­son. The sit­u­a­tion gets out of hand fast, and even David is shaken by the way Josh tor­ments their cap­tive. Will Lee make it out of there alive – or will Billy face the next stage of his painkiller night­mare alone?

Billy has a re­quest to make of his brother when they meet at the ceme­tery…

…but Lee is in for a more painful meet­ing with Josh and David

Sarah is stunned when she sees her cap­tor back on the cob­bles

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