The drugs don’t work!

As Cor­rie’s Billy strug­gles with ad­dic­tion this week, he’s not the only one whose high hit a low...

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PHIL MITCHELL 2010 Get­ting high… Wal­ford’s Phil hit rock bot­tom af­ter his ex Lisa Fowler fled the coun­try with his daugh­ter, Louise. Al­ready an al­co­holic, Phil hooked up with drug ad­dict Rainie Cross, and the pair started get­ting high to­gether on crack co­caine. Sink­ing low… Phil’s mum Peggy found him crawl­ing on the floor up­stairs at the Vic in search of his stash. Dis­gusted by the sight of him, she locked him in the liv­ing room to stop him get­ting any more drugs. But Phil es­caped – and dur­ing a shock con­fronta­tion with Peggy, he set the boozer on fire!

Clean break… With her pub in ru­ins and re­al­is­ing her part in Phil’s down­fall, Peggy left Al­bert Square and Phil got his life back on track.



Get­ting high… Cor­rie’s fun-lov­ing Leanne started taking co­caine, and soon got into debt with drug dealer

Jez Quigley. To set­tle up, Leanne was forced to sleep with the slime­ball.

Sink­ing low… Leanne agreed to help Jez rob the Rovers on New Year’s Day, but she got cold feet and the job ended up go­ing dra­mat­i­cally wrong – land­ing her in hos­pi­tal af­ter a nasty run-in with one of gang­ster Jez’s thugs.

Clean break… With Jez putting the fright­en­ers on Leanne, she did a run­ner from Weather­field to Am­s­ter­dam. Thank­fully, when view­ers saw her a few years later, the lass had put her drug-taking days be­hind her.



Get­ting high… Long-time view­ers of East­end­ers will re­call that Sharon grew up with an al­co­holic mum in Angie. Years later, Sharon bat­tled her own ad­dic­tion to painkillers, which she started taking af­ter the mur­der of her hus­band, Den­nis Rick­man.

Sink­ing low… While babysit­ting Phil’s grand­daugh­ter Lexi, Sharon fell to the floor un­con­scious – leav­ing the lit­tle girl in peril and jeop­ar­dis­ing Phil’s chances of keeping Lexi in his life. Fel­low ad­dict Phil sur­pris­ingly had no sym­pa­thy for Sharon and de­cided to send her pack­ing.

Clean break… Sharon’s col­lapse gave her a much­needed wake-up call. Af­ter re­al­is­ing that she was in a ter­ri­ble down­ward spi­ral, she de­cided that it was time for her to seek help for her prob­lems.



Get­ting high… The

Street’s Kylie got hooked on her son Max’s ADHD pills to calm her down – and as her ad­dic­tion took hold, she turned to her drug dealer ex Cal­lum Lo­gan!

Sink­ing low… Kylie stole, cheated and lied – and would do any­thing to get more drugs. David threw her out af­ter see­ing her ac­cept speed from Cal­lum.

Clean break… Kylie got her­self back on track and made a re­turn to Weather­field five months later, de­ter­mined to win back the fam­ily she’d lost.


RHONA GOSKIRK 2013 Get­ting high… Vil­lage vet Rhona got hooked on painkillers af­ter in­jur­ing her back while giv­ing best friend Vanessa a play­ful pig­gy­back! Sink­ing low… Rhona broke into the vets’ to get meds, then se­duced fel­low vet Vanessa and con­vinced her to help her get more drugs. She later turned vi­o­lent, and at­tacked hubby Paddy when he tried to stop her meet­ing a dealer. Clean break… Rhona was rushed to hos­pi­tal af­ter col­laps­ing, and was told her kid­neys were about to shut down. Re­al­is­ing she was close to death, Rhona saw sense and agreed to go to re­hab.


STE HAY 2013

Get­ting high… Ste started out deal­ing drugs – but switched to taking them fol­low­ing the deaths of both his par­ents.

Sink­ing low… Ste worked hard to kick the habit – only to be dragged back down when his brother-in-law Cameron got him hooked on meth!

Clean break… Tony paid for Ste to go to re­hab – but he still finds him­self tempted when life gets tough…


HOLLY BAR­TON 2016 Get­ting high… Dales lass Holly vowed shun drugs af­ter a brush with death as a teen. But on her re­turn to the Dales in 2016, she was in huge debt to dealer Dean.

Sink­ing low… Holly’s new dealer Si­mon set up a rob­bery to help set­tle her debts, but it went wrong when Holly’s friend Vic­to­ria was at­tacked in the chaos – and Holly crashed the van! There was an­other wake-up call, too, af­ter Holly’s mum Moira stepped on a drugs nee­dle while con­fronting Si­mon and feared that she’d con­tracted HIV. Clean break… Holly planned a fresh start – but it wasn’t to be, as Moira found Holly dead with a used heroin wrap­per be­neath her bed.

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