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Later this au­tumn, Ap­ple will launch a brand new ver­sion of iPadOS that brings a bunch of new changes to its iconic tablet. Here’s ev­ery­thing that you’re get­ting, how to get it, and whether your iPad will be able to get it.

What are the new fea­tures? App de­sign

The big­gest change you’re go­ing to see on your iPad is with apps. Ap­ple is bring­ing a re­fined de­sign lan­guage to the iPad, with side­bars, pull-down menus and

tool­bars that look more like Mac apps than ever be­fore. Many of Ap­ple’s own apps, in­clud­ing Pho­tos, Mu­sic, Short­cuts, Voice Memos, Cal­en­dar, Notes, Files, Mail and Con­tacts have new drag-and-drop side­bars that make nav­i­ga­tion and or­ga­ni­za­tion eas­ier, and stream­lined tool­bars in Files, Cal­en­dar and other apps keep things sim­ple. Also, you’ll see Mac-like popovers when do­ing things like pick­ing emoji and pull-down menus that dis­til but­tons down to a sin­gle tap.

Re­designed wid­gets

Wid­gets took on greater promi­nence in iPadOS 13 when they were given a spot on the home screen, but

in iPadOS 14 they’re get­ting even bet­ter. Just like in iOS 14, wid­gets on the iPad have been com­pletely re­designed to be more ver­sa­tile, in­for­ma­tive and in­tel­li­gent. Wid­gets now come in mul­ti­ple sizes so you can choose how much in­for­ma­tion to show, and a new gallery will help you dis­cover new wid­gets, even if you haven’t in­stalled the app yet.


In iPadOS 14, search is more like it is on the Mac. For one, it has a new com­pact de­sign that lets you start search from any­where – on the home screen or in an app – and doesn’t take over your whole screen. But far

more im­por­tantly, search has been com­pletely re­built, with bet­ter or­ga­ni­za­tion, typ­ing sug­ges­tions and strong when search­ing. You’ll be able to lo­cate and launch apps quickly, call con­tacts, get an­swers, and find just about any­thing on your iPad no mat­ter where it’s hid­ing.


Ap­ple Pen­cil may be known as a draw­ing tool, but in iPadOS 14 it’s pick­ing up some se­ri­ous skills for writ­ers too. Ap­ple is en­hanc­ing Ap­ple Pen­cil’s text ca­pa­bil­i­ties by bring­ing the Ap­ple Watch’s Scrib­ble tech to the iPad for en­hanced hand­writ­ing recog­ni­tion and con­ver­sion

in all text fields. So you can use your Ap­ple Pen­cil as a pri­mary in­put de­vice now.

Scrib­ble is more than a key­board re­place­ment, how­ever. In ad­di­tion to text con­ver­sion, you can scratch out some­thing you’ve writ­ten to erase it, cir­cle some­thing to se­lect it and copy or move it, and paste hand­writ­ten notes as if they were text. And on-board AI rec­og­nizes ad­dresses, phone num­bers, email ad­dresses and other data in hand­writ­ten text just like it does with typed text so you can call some­one af­ter jot­ting down their num­ber.

And Scrib­ble isn’t just lim­ited to text. Ap­ple’s hand­writ­ing en­gine will also help you draw ge­o­met­ri­cally per­fect lines, arcs and shapes. So if you’re re­ally bad at draw­ing, you can make some­thing that kind of looks like a cir­cle or a star or even an ar­row, and your iPad will con­vert it to its ‘ideal form’.

When you draw a shape with your Ap­ple Pen­cil, the sys­tem will rec­og­nize it and make it ‘ge­o­met­ri­cally per­fect’, while data de­tec­tors can dis­tin­guish phone num­bers, dates and ad­dresses in your own hand­writ­ing. And you can also se­lect words and sen­tences to move them or change the colour all in your per­sonal hand­writ­ing. You can also se­lect hand­writ­ten notes as text and the coolest fea­ture of all: scratch some­thing out to delete it.


Like the Mac, Ap­ple is bring­ing ma­jor en­hance­ments to its browser on the iPad. Not only is it faster, but it’s also eas­ier to nav­i­gate. You can see more tabs at once thanks to its stream­lined de­sign and ac­tive tabs are no

longer blank. In iPadOS 14, Fav­i­cons ap­pear by de­fault so you can quickly switch be­tween them. You’ll also be able to trans­late en­tire web pages with a tap (English, Span­ish, Chi­nese, French, Ger­man, Rus­sian or Brazil­ian Por­tuguese only), and you’ll get an alert when one of your pass­words might have been in­volved in a data breach. Then you can ei­ther change your pass­word or switch to Sign in with Ap­ple for tighter se­cu­rity.

Aug­mented Re­al­ity

Ap­ple’s AR am­bi­tions are lit­er­ally laser-fo­cused on the iPad with the iPad Pro’s new LiDAR Scan­ner, and

it’s only get­ting more pow­er­ful in iPadOS 14. Ap­ple’s new ARKit 4 is loaded with new APIs that will fuel the next gen­er­a­tion of AR apps, in­clud­ing Depth, Lo­ca­tion An­chors, Ex­tended face track­ing sup­port and ob­ject oc­clu­sion, and video tex­tures

What about iOS 14’s fea­tures?

Along with th­ese spe­cific fea­tures, the iPad is also get­ting many of the cool new fea­tures in iOS 14, in­clud­ing a com­pact in­ter­face for Siri and calls,

App Clips, which let you start us­ing an app with­out down­load­ing it, and on-de­vice dic­ta­tion, which is speed­ier and more pri­vate than be­fore. But you’re not get­ting ev­ery­thing. Most no­tably the App Li­brary and Trans­late app aren’t mak­ing their way the iPad, but you can find the full list of what you’re not get­ting here.

Com­pat­i­ble de­vices

If your iPad can run iOS 13, it’ll also be able to run iOS 14. Those de­vices in­clude:

• 12.9in iPad Pro (4th gen­er­a­tion)

• 11in iPad Pro (2nd gen­er­a­tion)

• 12.9in iPad Pro (3rd gen­er­a­tion)

• 11in iPad Pro (1st gen­er­a­tion)

• 12.9in iPad Pro (2nd gen­er­a­tion)

• 12.9in iPad Pro (1st gen­er­a­tion)

• 10.5in iPad Pro

• 9.7in iPad Pro

• iPad (7th gen­er­a­tion)

• iPad (6th gen­er­a­tion)

• iPad (5th gen­er­a­tion)

• iPad mini (5th gen­er­a­tion)

• iPad mini 4

• iPad Air (3rd gen­er­a­tion)

• iPad Air 2

Pub­lic beta

Ap­ple will re­lease the iPadOS Pub­lic Beta in July. Once it lands, you can go to Ap­ple’s Beta Soft­ware Pro­gramme site (beta.ap­ple.com) on your iPad to sign up, down­load a new pro­file, and in­stall it in­side the Set­tings app. Then up­dates will ar­rive as they usu­ally do via the Soft­ware Up­date tab, but you’ll get them far more of­ten than usual. And once iPadOS ar­rives for ev­ery­one, you’ll con­tinue to get be­tas un­less you opt out.

Tablet apps have new side­bars, tool­bars and menus in iPadOS 14

You can search for any­thing wher­ever you are in iPadOS 14

You can now write in any text field on your iPad and it’ll con­vert to typed text

The new Sa­fari up­date brings au­to­matic Fav­i­cons to ev­ery tab

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