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Smart­phone cam­eras are great for doc­u­ment­ing life’s pre­cious mo­ments to re­play them over and over again in the years to come. With a front-fac­ing cam­era, it’s even pos­si­ble to put your­self in the ac­tion, although video self­ies come with in­her­ent lim­i­ta­tions. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to

shoot high-qual­ity video from the back cam­era while cap­tur­ing your re­ac­tion from the front cam­era at the same time?

That’s ex­actly what Cam­era Fron­tBack is de­signed to do. This 99p app com­bines live video from the front and rear cam­eras at the same time in a sin­gle movie, al­low­ing iPhone own­ers to put them­selves into the ac­tion while

si­mul­ta­ne­ously record­ing high-qual­ity video from a cam­era on the back of the de­vice. The app su­per­im­poses video taken with the front cam­era on top of what’s be­ing recorded with the Wide or Ul­tra Wide lens on the back. This rectangula­r pic­ture-in-pic­ture win­dow can be moved any­where on the screen with your fin­ger, or changed to a cir­cle in­stead with a dou­ble-tap.

Cam­era Fron­tBack also works in re­verse, put­ting your own mug front and cen­tre while sub­jects shot with the rear cam­era ap­pear pic­ture-in­pic­ture in­stead. The PiP win­dow can be re­duced or en­larged with a pinch, any­where from 1/16 (the de­fault size) up to one-quar­ter of the screen.


One thing miss­ing from many third-party cam­era apps is the abil­ity to use the iPhone vol­ume but­tons to start or stop record­ing. Sadly, Cam­era Fron­tBack also es­chews this con­ve­nience, mean­ing that record­ing can only be per­formed by tap­ping the on-screen shut­ter but­ton. There’s also no split-screen mode, which would come in handy for pro­fes­sional users.

The app gets other things right: There’s a man­ual tog­gle to light up the rear LED flash dur­ing darker scenes, as well as op­tions to switch be­tween Wide and Ul­tra Wide lenses

on sup­ported hard­ware. Cu­ri­ously, Tele­photo mode is not sup­ported. Cam­era Fron­tBack re­quires re­cent hard­ware, specif­i­cally iPhone XR or later, in­clud­ing all iPhone 11 mod­els.

Hid­den in the set­tings are tog­gle switches to re­tain the cur­rent size and place­ment of the PiP win­dow next time you launch the app, as well as en­able pinch-to-zoom for the rear cam­era, a fea­ture still in beta but which worked well in our tests. Fi­nally, you can change the app icon to Classic or Neon.


A neat way to keep your­self in the ac­tion while shoot­ing video with an iPhone, all in real time.

Al­ways left out while shoot­ing video of the kids? Cam­era Fron­tBack uses the front cam­era to keep you in the ac­tion.

Cam­era Fron­tBack sup­ports the Ul­tra Wide lens on newer iPhone mod­els for a more ex­pan­sive view of what’s hap­pen­ing.

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