Keep a dy­ing iPhone’s bat­tery alive

Save the last pre­cious drops of power in your hand­set’s bat­tery with Ben Pat­ter­son’s es­sen­tial tips and tricks

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So there you are, run­ning from meet­ing to meet­ing on a par­tic­u­larly busy day when you sud­denly no­tice your iPhone’s bat­tery gauge is deep in the red. It’s too late for sen­si­ble bat­tery-con­ser­va­tion tips – you need power for your dy­ing hand­set now, or at least a way to staunch the bleed­ing.

We’ve gath­ered six tips that’ll help pre­serve the last pre­cious drops of juice in your phone’s bat­tery, as well as ways to find emer­gency sources of power while you’re on the road.

1. Turn your hand­set off and then on again

It’s one thing if your phone’s bat­tery is dy­ing sim­ply be­cause you’ve been us­ing it all day with­out a break. But if you’re watch­ing your bat­tery gauge drop 5 or even 10 per­cent in a mat­ter of min­utes, some­thing’s up. Most likely, one of your apps has spun it­self into a fu­ri­ous, bat­tery-drain­ing loop.

One of the best ways to pull your phone out of its death spi­ral is a hard re­boot – that is, forc­ing your hand­set to stop ab­so­lutely ev­ery­thing it’s do­ing and restart. You can do a hard re­boot on an iPhone or iPad by press­ing and hold­ing the power and sleep­wake but­tons un­til the Ap­ple logo ap­pears.

2. Look for a bat­tery-hog­ging app

If your phone’s bat­tery life is still tank­ing af­ter a hard re­boot, you could al­ways try to pin­point an app that’s drain­ing more than its fair share of power.

Tap Set­tings > Bat­tery, then look for a cul­prit in the Bat­tery Us­age list. If you spot any bat­tery hogs, you can close the app by flick­ing up its ‘card’ in the app switcher (dou­ble-tap the Home key), or cut off its back­ground ac­tiv­ity priv­i­leges (tap Set­tings > Gen­eral > Back­ground App Re­fresh, find the app in the list, then flip off its switch).

3. Turn on Air­plane mode

An­other pos­si­ble rea­son for a plung­ing bat­tery gauge is that you’re in an area with poor cel­lu­lar

ser­vice. When that hap­pens, your phone will keep try­ing (and try­ing and try­ing) to es­tab­lish a con­nec­tion, and that’s a sure way to drain your bat­tery in a hurry. If that’s the case, your best bet may be to turn on air­plane mode. Do­ing so will turn off your hand­set’s cel­lu­lar radio and stop it from fran­ti­cally look­ing for a cel­lu­lar sig­nal.

Tap Set­tings, then switch on the Air­plane Mode set­ting, or just flick up the Con­trol Cen­ter win­dow and tap the Air­plane Mode but­ton. For An­droid de­vices, pull down the Quick Set­tings win­dow shade and tap the Air­plane Mode but­ton.

If you don’t like the idea of be­ing out of touch, keep in mind that you can al­ways turn on Wi-Fi af­ter ac­ti­vat­ing air­plane mode.

4. Turn on bat­tery-saver mode

iOS de­vices have a bat­tery-saver set­ting that’ll shut down most back­ground ac­tiv­i­ties, dim the screen, and en­able other bat­tery-pre­serv­ing fea­tures, handy if you’re sud­denly deal­ing with a phone that’s al­most out of juice.

Tap Set­tings > Bat­tery, then en­able the Low Power Mode set­ting; you’ll also be prompted to turn on the fea­ture on if your de­vice falls be­low 20 per­cent or 10 per­cent of bat­tery life re­main­ing. Un­like An­droid’s Bat­tery Saver fea­ture, iOS’s Low Power Mode set­ting can only be ac­ti­vated man­u­ally.

5. Carry an ex­tra phone charger

Ev­ery­one wants a phone charger when their hand­set is about to run out of juice; the real trick, of course, is mak­ing sure you have one on hand when you need it. Go ahead and spring for an ex­tra phone charger,

prefer­ably a small, light­weight model, or even a ca­ble that’s small enough to clip to a key­chain. Once you’ve got an ex­tra ca­ble, make sure to keep it in your back­pack, purse, or brief­case at all times.

The next time your phone is run­ning low on bat­tery life, all you’ll need to find is an avail­able power out­let or USB port and some charg­ing time. Thanks to the fast-charg­ing tech­nol­ogy built into the new­est iPhones, you’ll only need about 10 min­utes or so to get a de­cent chunk of bat­tery life back.

6. Get a por­ta­ble bat­tery pack

Even a phone charger won’t do you much good if you’re nowhere near a power out­let. In those cases, hav­ing a por­ta­ble bat­tery pack stashed in your knap­sack, your pocket, or hooked to your key ring can be a life­saver. Many dif­fer­ent shapes and sizes of por­ta­ble bat­tery packs are avail­able; some are as big as hard­back books, oth­ers are credit-card sized. Price tags range any­where from about £20 to north of £100, de­pend­ing on the size of the charger.

An­other op­tion is a phone case that dou­bles as a charger, although such bat­tery-charg­ing cases will add ex­tra weight and girth to your hand­set, while those de­signed for a spe­cific hand­set won’t do you much good if you trade up for a dif­fer­ent model.

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