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Ben Pat­ter­son reveals how to get more from In­sta­gram

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The big­ger In­sta­gram gets, the more com­pli­cated its app be­comes. In­deed, it’s easy to miss some of In­sta­gram’s most clever short­cuts, such as the quick­est way to ‘heart’ a photo or pre­view a snap­shot in your feed.

There’s also a way to see your geo­tagged pho­tos on a map – or wipe them off the map, for that mat­ter. You can set your ac­count to pri­vate, block un­wanted fol­low­ers, and erase tags of your­self that oth­ers have added to their pho­tos. You can even get alerts when your favourite In­sta­gram­mers posts new pho­tos – an im­por­tant fea­ture now that In­sta­gram

wants to change the way it ar­ranges re­cent im­ages in your photo feed.

1. Set your ac­count to pri­vate

One of the big­gest sur­prises await­ing an In­sta­gram new­comer is the first time a com­plete stranger “likes” one of their snap­shots. It’s a jar­ring re­minder that by de­fault, all the snap­shots you post on In­sta­gram are pub­lic.

If you don’t want the en­tire world flip­ping through your In­sta­gram pho­tos, you can set your ac­count to ‘pri­vate’. Do­ing so puts all your In­sta­gram pho­tos be­hind a pri­vacy wall, mean­ing only your ex­ist­ing fol­low­ers will be able to see them. Also, once you set your ac­count to pri­vate, no one else on In­sta­gram will be able to fol­low you with­out your ap­proval.

Just tap the Pro­file but­ton in the bot­tom cor­ner of the main In­sta­gram in­ter­face, tap the gear icon in the top-right cor­ner of the screen, then flip the Pri­vate Ac­count switch.

2. Block ran­dom strangers from fol­low­ing your ac­count

So, you’ve set your ac­count to pri­vate, but not be­fore a few strangers or fren­e­mies fol­lowed your ac­count. You can give them the heave-ho in a few sim­ple steps. Tap the Pro­file but­ton in the bot­tom cor­ner of the screen, tap Fol­low­ers, then tap the name of some­one you don’t want flip­ping through your pho­tos. Now,tap the gear icon in the top cor­ner of the screen, then tap Block User.

Once that’s done, the blocked users won’t be able to view your snap­shots any­more (and no, they won’t be no­ti­fied that you blocked them).

3. Quickly ‘like’ a photo

One of the prin­ci­ple plea­sures of In­sta­gram is scrolling through your Home feed, gaz­ing at the lat­est snap­shots of the users you’re fol­low­ing.

If there’s a pic­ture you par­tic­u­larly like, you can tap the lit­tle heart but­ton just be­low the im­age.

Even bet­ter, though, you can like a photo the way In­sta­gram ex­perts do: Just give it a quick dou­ble-tap.

4. See every photo you’ve ever liked

Lik­ing snap­shots on In­sta­gram can get ad­dict­ing – so ad­dict­ing, in fact, that it’s easy to lose track of all the pic­tures you’ve liked. To take a look at your his­tory of ‘hearted’ pho­tos, tap the Pro­file but­ton, tap the gear icon in the top cor­ner of the screen, then tap Pho­tos You’ve Liked op­tion.

Bonus tip: You can al­ways ‘un­like’ a photo by tap­ping the heart but­ton again. (No, dou­ble-tap­ping a liked snap­shot won’t un­like it)

5. Long-press to pre­view a photo

If you tap the Search tab at the bot­tom of the In­sta­gram in­ter­face, you’ll land on the Ex­plore page – a grid of dozens of In­sta­gram pho­tos liked by your friends and fol­low­ers as well as by all your fel­low In­sta­gram­mers.

You can tap any photo on the Ex­plore screen to see a full-screen ver­sion, but there’s also a way to quickly pre­view a photo: tap and hold it. When you do, a larger ver­sion of the im­age will ap­pear on the screen, and it’ll stay there un­til you re­lease the im­age. You can push a photo pre­view up a bit to lock it in place and re­veal three op­tions: Like, Com­ment, and Send as Mes­sage (to an­other In­sta­gram user).

6. Sin­gle-tap a photo to see peo­ple tags

Just like on Face­book, you can tag peo­ple in In­sta­gram pho­tos; in­deed, you’ll be prompted to do so when­ever you post a new pic­ture on your In­sta­gram pro­file. While view­ing other pho­tos, you might see a lit­tle cir­cle with a blank sil­hou­ette in the bot­tom cor­ner of the im­age. If you do, it means that the im­age has been tagged. Just tap the im­age to re­veal the tags, then tap a tag to jump to that user’s In­sta­gram pro­file.

7. See every In­sta­gram photo in which you’ve been tagged, and re­move your­self from a tagged photo

Tap the Pro­file but­ton in the bot­tom cor­ner of the screen, then tap the ‘pho­tos of you’ but­ton (it’s the one that looks like a tag with a sil­hou­ette in­side) near the top-right cor­ner of the screen.

Now, let’s say you find you’ve been tagged in a photo you don’t want to be tagged in, or that a

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