Re­move iOS 10 beta and re­turn to iOS 9

If you re­gret in­stalling the iOS 10 pub­lic beta, David Price re­veals how to go back to iOS 9

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If you’ve taken the plunge and in­stalled the iOS 10 pub­lic beta, and then re­gret­ted it, you’re prob­a­bly won­der­ing how to delete iOS 10 and go back to the com­fort­ing em­brace of iOS 9. This is easy, if a lit­tle long-winded. We ex­plain how.

Down­grade from iOS 10

Let’s deal with the early birds first – the ones who have in­stalled iOS early, be it via the pub­lic beta or de­vel­oper pre­view. You’re the lucky

ones when it comes to down­grad­ing, be­cause iOS 9.3.2 is still the newest and cur­rent of­fi­cially sup­ported op­er­at­ing sys­tem and will there­fore be the soft­ware your iPhone or iPad will be re­stored to if you se­lect the iTunes op­tion to Re­store and Up­date. But we’ll get into that in a moment.

The only is­sue is that you’ll have to re­store from a pre-iOS 10 backup, so any data or pref­er­ences you’ve saved since then will be lost – and if you haven’t got an archived backup from your iOS 9 days, you won’t be able to re­store your data at all. In that case all your data will be lost and you’ll have to go back to a fac­tory-de­fault ‘new iPhone’ or ‘new iPad’ setup. Some­thing to con­sider.

Re­mov­ing the iOS 10 pub­lic beta is sim­ple:

En­ter Re­cov­ery mode by turn­ing off your iPhone or iPad, then hold­ing its Home but­ton.

When it says ‘Con­nect to iTunes’, do ex­actly that – plug it into your Mac or PC and open up iTunes.

iTunes will tell you that it’s de­tected an iPhone or iPad in Re­cov­ery Mode, and that this needs to be re­stored - click OK to agree to this, and then Re­store iPhone or Re­store iPad (as ap­pro­pri­ate). Fi­nally, choose the op­tion to Re­store and Up­date. iTunes will down­load the lat­est ver­sion of iOS 9 and in­stall it on your Ap­ple de­vice.

Once iTunes has re­in­stalled a fresh ver­sion of iOS 9, you have a choice of ei­ther restor­ing from an old backup (re­mem­ber, your iOS 10 back up won’t work) or set­ting it up as a brand new iPhone. Sim­ply se­lect your pre­ferred op­tion, fol­low the on-screen prompts and vi­ola! You’re back on good old iOS 9.

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