Up­date con­tact pho­tos on an iPhone

Miriam Harris ex­plains how to up­date pho­tos man­u­ally or through you Face­book or Twit­ter ac­counts

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Chang­ing a con­tact photo on your iPhone is a sim­ple task – here we show you how to do this man­u­ally with pic­tures stored on your phone or con­nect­ing your Face­book and Twit­ter apps with the Con­tacts app on your iPhone.

Face­book and Twit­ter are able to syn­chro­nise with your iPhone, and are one of the few so­cial net­works you can sign in to from the Set­tings menu of your de­vice.

This gives the apps ac­cess to up­date your con­tacts with in­for­ma­tion from the so­cial me­dia

pro­files, in­clud­ing pho­tos. But this won’t be for every­one; peo­ple may want more con­trol over their pri­vacy within iOS. Make sure you’re okay with the app ac­cess­ing your per­sonal in­for­ma­tion be­fore you choose to up­date con­tacts – you can see what we to say on how to pro­tect your pri­vacy and how to set up the best pri­vacy set­tings in iOS 8.


Here’s how to change a con­tact photo on your iPhone man­u­ally by choos­ing an ex­ist­ing photo or to tak­ing one your­self.

Open up Con­tacts and choose the con­tact you wish to up­date.

Tap Edit in the right­hand corner.

Tap Edit un­der the photo icon in the left­hand corner.

A menu will pop-up where you can choose to Take Photo, Choose Photo, Edit Photo or Delete Photo.

Choose one of these to up­date the con­tact photo.


To up­date your con­tacts’ user­names and pho­tos au­to­mat­i­cally through sync­ing Face­book head to your phone set­tings. Bear in mind this will only up­date the friends in your con­tacts list who you also have on Face­book.

Scroll down to the list of your so­cial me­dia apps and tap Face­book.

Al­low the app to use your ac­count. Make sure the tog­gle is turned on.

Scroll down and tap Up­date All Con­tacts.

Pho­tos and user­names will au­to­mat­i­cally be up­dated. Al­low­ing the app to up­date your con­tacts will tem­po­rar­ily pro­vide the app with email ad­dresses and phone num­bers from your con­tacts to up­date pho­tos and user­names for all match­ing con­tacts.

You can choose to not al­low apps ac­cess to your con­tacts by find­ing Face­book un­der your phone set­tings, and tap­ping on the Face­book Set­tings. Slide the tog­gle to off.


To up­date your con­tacts’ user­names and pho­tos au­to­mat­i­cally through sync­ing Twit­ter to your con­tacts list, head to your iPhone Set­tings.

Open Twit­ter.

Tap Up­date Con­tacts.

You can also stop Twit­ter ac­cess­ing your ac­count by turn­ing the tog­gle off at the bot­tom at any time.

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