iPhone 8 ru­mours

Ru­mours are al­ready swirling about the ‘rev­o­lu­tion­ary’ 2017 iPhone.

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Peo­ple are still lin­ing up to snag a brand new iPhone 7, but that won’t stop any­one from spec­u­lat­ing about next year’s iPhone. Why so early? Well, 2017 marks the iPhone’s tenth birth­day, so Ap­ple is re­port­edly gear­ing up to make its an­niver­sary edi­tion ex­tra spe­cial.

If you passed on the iPhone 7 to wait for the iPhone 8 – or what­ever name Ap­ple de­cides to use – it sounds like next year’s phone could be

the de­sign re­fresh you were wait­ing for. Just don’t ex­pect the head­phone jack to re­turn.

What’s the lat­est?

The ru­mour: Ap­ple’s rev­o­lu­tion­ary new iPhone 8 will sport a plas­tic OLED dis­play that “curves all over,” ac­cord­ing to a re­port pub­lished in the Korea Her­ald and picked up by 9to5Mac. The re­port cor­rob­o­rates the ru­mour that Ap­ple will re­lease three iPhone mod­els next year, a pre­mium model with curved OLED dis­play and two with flat LCDs. Fur­ther­more, Ap­ple is hop­ing to in­cor­po­rate new ‘sens­ing tech­nol­ogy’ in the curved dis­play to help dif­fer­en­ti­ate the iPhone 8 from other OLED smart­phones. Ac­cord­ing to the Korea Her­ald, Ap­ple has tapped Sam­sung Dis­play to make an es­ti­mated 70- to 100 mil­lion plas­tic OLED units to use in the iPhone 8.

Plau­si­ble? If Ap­ple is con­sid­er­ing re­leas­ing an iPhone 8 with a curved dis­play, then plas­tic OLED is the way to go, as glass OLED works best for flat dis­plays. And now that we’ve seen Ap­ple re­serv­ing cer­tain fea­tures like a dual-cam­era for the more ex­pen­sive iPhone mod­els, we wouldn’t be sur­prised if the curved iPhone 8 comes at a pre­mium, too. Next year, we could very well see an iPhone 7s and 7s Plus with LCDs, as well as a brand-new iPhone 8 with OLED.

New red colour?

The ru­mour: Re­ports that Ap­ple has three new iPhones in the works for 2017: it­er­a­tive iPhone 7s and 7s Plus up­dates and a com­pletely re­designed

all-glass iPhone 8. Con­flict­ing ru­mours have dif­fer­ent fea­tures in each phone, but here’s a new one: The 7s and 7s Plus will come in a brand new crim­son colour. Ac­cord­ing to Ja­panese Ap­ple­cen­tric site Ma­co­takara, the S-model phones will be avail­able in red in ad­di­tion to the stan­dard black, jet black, rose gold, gold, and sil­ver.

Plau­si­ble? Could be. Ma­co­takara has a de­cent track record with Ap­ple prod­uct ru­mours, pre­dict­ing the phase-out of the iPhone head­phone jack ahead of the pack. The blog cites Tai­wanese sup­pli­ers who also say the 7s and 7s Plus will look the same as the 7 and 7 Plus, though KGI Se­cu­ri­ties says the op­po­site: that each of the 2017 mod­els will be all­glass and have wire­less charg­ing.

Wire­less charg­ing?

The ru­mour: We’re be­gin­ning to hear cor­rob­o­ra­tions of ear­lier ru­mours. KGI Se­cu­ri­ties an­a­lyst Ming-Chi Kuo is dou­bling-down on his

pre­dic­tion that the 2017 iPhone will have all-glass cas­ing. Ac­cord­ing to Kuo, Ap­ple is switch­ing to glass in or­der to fa­cil­i­tate wire­less charg­ing. Even though some me­tal and plas­tic smart­phones have wire­less charg­ing, us­ing glass is faster and there are fewer fre­quency dis­rup­tions.

Good news: Kuo now ex­pects Ap­ple to put wire­less charg­ing in all of its 2017 iPhones, in­clud­ing the next-gen­er­a­tion 4.7in and 5.5in ver­sions of the 7 and 7 Plus. Ap­ple could de­cide to limit the fea­ture to its an­tic­i­pated 5.8in bezel-less iPhone 8, but with the 7s and 7s Plus ex­pected to be re­made with all-glass cas­ing, the ad­di­tion of wire­less charg­ing might en­cour­age more peo­ple to up­grade.

Kuo is count­ing on it. Ac­cord­ing to sup­ply chain ru­mours, more iPhones are ex­pected to be

pro­duced in the lat­ter half of 2017 than ever be­fore. Sup­pli­ers are re­port­edly get­ting ready to churn out 120 to 150 mil­lion iPhones, beat­ing out the 110 to 120 mil­lion iPhone 6 mod­els pro­duced in late 2014.

Plau­si­ble? Yes. The ad­di­tion of wire­less charg­ing was one of the first re­li­able ru­mours we heard about the forth­com­ing iPhone 8, and we’ll un­doubt­edly keep hear­ing about it un­til the de­vice is re­leased next year. If Ap­ple is re­ally com­mit­ted to wire­less charg­ing, then switch­ing to an all-glass cas­ing also makes sense. It ex­plains why Ap­ple would choose to switch to glass in the first place. While the smaller iPhones might lack OLED due to pro­duc­tion con­straints, putting wire­less charg­ing in each model would go a long way toward mak­ing the next iPhone a must-buy.

Curved screen?

The ru­mour: The iPhone 8 could have a curved screen, mean­ing that it bends slightly around the edges. Ac­cord­ing to The Wall Street Jour­nal, Ap­ple is ask­ing sup­pli­ers to cre­ated pro­to­types with curved OLED dis­plays that have a higher res­o­lu­tion that Sam­sung phones. An iPhone with a OLED dis­play will most likely be a more ex­pen­sive, higher-end model. In ad­di­tion, Ap­ple is test­ing over 10 pro­to­types for the forth­com­ing de­vice, which is spec­u­lated to in­clude ‘rad­i­cal’ new fea­tures to mark the iPhone’s 10th year an­niver­sary in 2017.

Plau­si­ble? We’ve al­ready heard that Ap­ple is look­ing into fi­nally bring­ing OLED dis­plays to its iPhone line. And it makes sense that the OLED

dis­play would be re­served for a higher-end iPhone model, since th­ese screens are more ex­pen­sive to man­u­fac­ture. With de­clin­ing iPhone sales, there’s a lot of pres­sure sur­round­ing the launch of the iPhone 8. So, it’s also not sur­pris­ing that Ap­ple is al­legedly test­ing sev­eral pro­to­types to de­liver a ‘rev­o­lu­tion­ary’ iPhone next year.

Folds like a book?

The ru­mour: You may be able to bend the next iPhone, sim­i­lar to how you fold to close a book. Ap­ple has just been granted a patent for a book-like iPhone de­sign that used an OLED dis­play that can fold in half.

Plau­si­ble? Just be­cause Ap­ple has the patent for this, doesn’t nec­es­sar­ily mean that it will be­come a real prod­uct. Be­sides, Ap­ple has just started to con­sider us­ing OLED, so there may not be enough time to in­cor­po­rate a bend­able, fold­able dis­play on the iPhone 8.

3 new mod­els?

The ru­mour: Ap­ple will launch three mod­els of the iPhone 8 in 2017, ac­cord­ing to a new re­port from KGI Se­cu­ri­ties an­a­lysts. One model will sport a 5.5in OLED screen and a dual cam­era. One will have a 5.5in LCD screen, also with a dual cam­era. The third will be a 4.7in iPhone with an LCD screen and a sin­gle cam­era sys­tem, much like the cur­rent iPhone 7 model.

Plau­si­ble? KGI Se­cu­ri­ties is usu­ally spot-on when it comes to iPhone hard­ware pre­dic­tions, and for a while th­ese sup­ply chain an­a­lysts have been pre­dict­ing that Ap­ple will switch to OLED dis­plays in 2017. Ap­ple has al­ready been us­ing OLED dis­plays on the Ap­ple Watch and the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar, so us­ing this type of dis­play on the iPhone seems like a log­i­cal next step. Pre­vi­ously, Bloomberg re­ported that Ap­ple is in talks with Sharp to be its OLED dis­play sup­plier.

OLED of­fers a lot of ben­e­fits over LCD. Be­sides be­ing more re­spon­sive, OLED gives Ap­ple the op­tion to cre­ate a bezel-less iPhone with a curved or bend­able dis­play, which would cer­tainly boost the iPhone 8’s wow-fac­tor. This time around, the iPhone 8 is ru­moured to be ‘rev­o­lu­tion­ary’.

Re­turn to all-glass?

The ru­mour: Ap­ple may take a page from its own book and re­lease an iPhone 8 with a glass front and back, sim­i­lar to the iPhone 4 and 4s. The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus will, of course, be larger than those mod­els, which were 3.5 inches. KGI Se­cu­ri­ties an­a­lyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who al­ways has deep in­sight

into Ap­ple’s sup­ply chain, pre­dicted that Ap­ple will make lower-priced mod­els with alu­minium cas­ing and more ex­pen­sive ver­sions with stain­less steel. The glass would give the phone a glossy look, like the pop­u­lar jet black iPhone 7, but be less prone to knicks and scratches than the brushed alu­minium.

Plau­si­ble? Yes. It’s all about the sourc­ing. KGI’s Ming-Chi Kuo is typ­i­cally spot-on when it comes to Ap­ple hard­ware changes. It’s pos­si­ble that Ap­ple is bas­ing fu­ture de­sign de­ci­sions on the suc­cess of the jet black iPhone 7, which is cur­rently sold out through De­cem­ber. Ac­cord­ing to the KGI re­port, 30to 35 per­cent of pre­orders were for the jet black model world­wide, and in China that per­cent­age was higher – 45- to 50 per­cent.

An OLED dis­play at last?

The ru­mour: So far, Ap­ple has held on to LCD dis­plays, but Ap­ple is re­port­edly in talks with Sharp to be one of its main sup­pli­ers of OLED dis­plays to use in next year’s iPhones. Ac­cord­ing to Bloomberg, Ap­ple wants to di­ver­sify its OLED sourc­ing so it has mul­ti­ple op­tions. Sharp is in­vest­ing $566 mil­lion in OLED pro­duc­tion fac­to­ries which will start churn­ing out dis­plays by next June.

Plau­si­ble? Yep. The fu­ture is OLED, be­cause the tech­nol­ogy is more flex­i­ble than LCD and would al­low Ap­ple to make the iPhone bezel razor-thin and move the home but­ton to the dis­play it­self. There are other ap­pli­ca­tions made pos­si­ble by switch­ing to OLED screens, and we’re sure Ap­ple is ex­plor­ing those for a fu­ture phone.

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