Instagram’s lets you share mul­ti­ple photos per post

Instagram was al­ready a huge drain on our time. This new fea­ture is go­ing to make it worse, writes Caitlin McGarry

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Instagram has be­come some­thing of an art form. To avoid clut­ter­ing your friends’ feeds, you have to pick the best photo from a day or an event, the one that per­fectly en­cap­su­lates the ex­pe­ri­ence. Then you art­fully edit the im­age by choos­ing the per­fect fil­ter and tweak­ing it in ad­vanced op­tions. A sar­donic or heart­felt cap­tion rounds out the post, which you then share and wait for the likes to come rolling in. But to­day, Instagram is chang­ing the game.

You don’t have to share just one photo per post any­more. In an up­date for iOS, Instagram has lifted its lim­i­ta­tions with mul­ti­ple images and videos per post – up to 10, to be ex­act.

This is a fea­ture that Instagram ac­tu­ally launched two years ago, but was pre­vi­ously only avail­able to brands.

You se­lect a batch of photos or videos (or boomerangs) just like you would se­lect photos from your Cam­era Roll to send in a mes­sage or email. Instagram is giv­ing you full con­trol over the carousel’s pre­sen­ta­tion – you can rear­range the or­der and ap­ply a fil­ter to the en­tire post or in­di­vid­ual fil­ters to each photo and video. There are two rules: each post has just one cap­tion, and the en­tire bunch is cropped to Instagram’s sig­na­ture square for­mat.

An al­bum post will be marked with a new icon that looks like a stack of photos when it shows up on your pro­file page. It will show up in your friends’ feeds with blue dots at the bot­tom, so they’ll know that the post has mul­ti­ple images or videos. To view the en­tire post, just swipe from left to right. Mov­ing fast Instagram is rolling out new fea­tures so quickly that it’s clear par­ent com­pany Face­book is try­ing to keep the app’s 600 mil­lion monthly ac­tive users from get­ting bored and us­ing a dif­fer­ent photo-shar­ing ser­vice (like, say, Snapchat).

Instagram is also solv­ing two prob­lems with the gallery fea­ture: first is the need to use a third-party app to cre­ate col­lages of photos from an event. Instagram has its own photo-stitch­ing app, Lay­out, but that re­quires you to jump out of Instagram. Gal­leries keep you in the app, and imag­ine how much time you could spend cre­at­ing a carousel of photos and videos. The se­cond is­sue is feed spam, or when a friend posts sev­eral images one after another.

Instagram’s new photo al­bums are go­ing to dra­mat­i­cally in­crease the amount of time peo­ple spend in Instagram. Bonus: Snapchat doesn’t have this fea­ture yet.

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