4. Search for text on a page

iPad&iPhone user - - FEATURE -

Like Chrome, Sa­fari for iOS makes it easy to search Google (or the search en­gine of your choice) by tap­ping your search di­rectly into the ad­dress bar.

Con­fus­ingly, though, you can also search for text on the cur­rent web page in ex­actly the same way, but you might not know it un­less you scroll down a bit on Sa­fari’s search re­sults. If you do, you’ll find ‘On This Page’ re­sults at the very bot­tom of the list, typ­i­cally hid­den by the vir­tual key­board.

For a more in­tu­itive way to search a web page in Sa­fari, tap the ‘Ac­tion’ but­ton (the one that looks like a square with an up ar­row) at the bot­tom of the screen, then tap the ‘Find on Page’ but­ton in the bot­tom row of Ac­tion op­tions.

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