How to: Res­cue a bricked iOS de­vice

David Price re­veals how to get your de­vice up and run­ning again

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If you’re iOS de­vice re­fuses to turn on don’t de­spair. There’s a good chance that it is still fun­da­men­tally func­tional, but you just need to use some gen­tle per­sua­sion to wake it up. In any case, there are sev­eral steps you can take to re­solve the is­sue, and we’ll work our way through those steps here.

As a note: this is a guide to mys­te­ri­ous sit­u­a­tions where an iOS de­vice re­fuses to turn on as a re­sult of prob­lems un­known. If you’re pretty sure what the mat­ter is – if your de­vice has fallen into water or over­heated, for ex­am­ple, and no longer works – then we would rec­om­mend con­tact­ing Ap­ple or vis­it­ing your lo­cal au­tho­rized Ap­ple store.

1. Out of power

Ba­sics first. Let’s see if your de­vice has sim­ply run out of bat­tery power. To en­sure you’ve got enough power to switch on your iOS de­vice, plug it into a wall charger and give it at least ten min­utes to charge, be­fore at­tempt­ing to turn it on.

Bear in mind that there could be a prob­lem with the wall charger or the ca­ble, so if charg­ing isn’t do­ing the trick you should try the same rou­tine with a dif­fer­ent plug, and with a bor­rowed or spare ca­ble. (If there’s no­body you can get a ca­ble from, you could pop into an Ap­ple store, or buy a new Light­ning ca­ble.)

If you’ve given your iPhone or iPad a de­cent charge us­ing mul­ti­ple plugs and ca­bles but it still fails to display any­thing, you’re prob­a­bly look­ing at a hard­ware prob­lem such as a de­graded lithium bat­tery. We would sug­gest go­ing into an Ap­ple store or con­tact­ing Ap­ple.

If on the other your de­vice now switches on but doesn’t get past the Ap­ple boot logo, fol­low the steps be­low.

2. Soft re­set

“Have you tried switch­ing it off and on again?” might be a hack­neyed phrase, but this prin­ci­ple is the de­fault

go-to for those stuck in a boot loop. A ‘soft’ re­set is of­ten enough to fix a bricked de­vice. To per­form a sim­ple re­set, hold the power and home but­tons si­mul­ta­ne­ously un­til you see the Ap­ple logo – this should take roughly five- to 15 sec­onds.

Now give the de­vice a few min­utes to switch on, then try us­ing it nor­mally. (To elim­i­nate any bat­teryre­lated prob­lems, it’s a good idea to per­form the re­set while the de­vice is plugged into a power source.)

If your de­vice switches on, but then in­stantly switches off or re­fuses to get past the Ap­ple logo af­ter 10 min­utes, then you might need to re­store it. See the next step to see how to per­form a re­set.

3. Re­store

If your iPhone turns on, but is hav­ing a lot of prob­lems with iOS, you might need to re­store it.

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