Ap­ple prod­uct re­calls and free re­pair pro­grammes

Ap­ple prod­uct re­calls and free re­pair pro­grammes Hav­ing trou­ble with your iPhone or iPad? Maybe you can get a free re­pair. David Price looks at Ap­ple’s re­place­ment pro­gramme

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Won­der­ing whether your bro­ken Ap­ple prod­uct qual­i­fies for a free re­pair, or is part of a re­place­ment pro­gramme? You’ve come to the right place. If your iPhone or iPad has gone wrong and you don’t think it’s your fault, you may be able to get the tech gi­ant (or a com­pany au­tho­rized by Ap­ple) to re­pair it for free, pro­vide a re­place­ment prod­uct, or re­fund your money. You can at­tempt this

on an individual, case-by-case ba­sis, but oc­ca­sion­ally Ap­ple in­sti­tutes a gen­eral re­call or free re­pair pro­gramme for a par­tic­u­lar prod­uct or model that it ac­knowl­edges has a con­gen­i­tal prob­lem.

Over the fol­low­ing pages we cover the firm’s cur­rent re­place­ment pro­grammes: check to see if your faulty de­vice is in­cluded. You might be in line for a free re­place­ment.

Will Ap­ple re­pair prod­ucts for free?

Some­times, but don’t de­pend on it. Ap­ple prod­uct re­calls are an un­usual oc­cur­rence. When it is pre­pared to ad­mit that a prob­lem is in­her­ent to a prod­uct line or cer­tain models within that line, it will agree to re­pair or re­place these de­vices, and ei­ther an­nounce this pub­licly (ex­pect­ing you to get in touch your­self and seek re­dress) or in smaller cases con­tact­ing af­fected users proac­tively.

It did this with the iPhone 5, whose power but­ton was prone to fail­ure – your hum­ble re­porter went through this process and was able to get a new iPhone 5 at no cost, even though that hand­set went wrong in a com­pletely dif­fer­ent way sev­eral months down the line.

Ap­ple has also in­sti­tuted a pro­gramme for fail­ing MacBook Pro models that faced an is­sue known as ‘stain­gate’, fol­low­ing a saga that caused dis­tress and frus­tra­tion for many of our read­ers. But for most prob­lems you’ll need to ap­proach Ap­ple as an individual, and demon­strate that the is­sue was fun­da­men­tal to the prod­uct rather than some­thing that has de­vel­oped over months and years of

own­er­ship. In those cases you will gen­er­ally need to fall back on your war­ranty and in­sur­ance rights.

iPhone re­pairs and re­calls

iPhone 6s battery shut­down is­sue In Novem­ber 2016, Ap­ple ac­knowl­edged that iPhone 6s hand­sets made in Septem­ber and Oc­to­ber 2015 were faulty and prone to spon­ta­neous and un­ex­pected shut­downs; it said the is­sue was battery-re­lated. The firm is there­fore will­ing to of­fer a free re­place­ment for the battery unit in af­fected models.

Ap­ple of­fered free re­pairs to any iPhone 5 that had a faulty power but­ton

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