How to: Can­cel a sub­scrip­tion in iOS

It’s so easy to sign up for a ser­vice, but un­sub­scrib­ing can be a small night­mare for the un­pre­pared, writes Glenn Fleish­man

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Sign­ing up for a ser­vice through iOS kind of fun. A menu pops pop, you ac­ti­vate Face ID or Touch ID, and the world’s most sat­is­fy­ing ding lets you know your pur­chase was suc­cess­ful. It’s sim­plic­ity it­self.

It’s funny, then, that Ap­ple makes it such a Her­culean or­deal to un­sub­scribe. Un­sub­scrib­ing forces you to ven­ture into depths of the Set­tings app that you

prob­a­bly never knew ex­isted, and then through so many ex­tra menus that you might start to worry you’re do­ing it wrong. Who knows? Maybe Ap­ple wants to make it easy to hide your Tin­der Gold sub­scrip­tion from pry­ing eyes, but it’s a pain when you’re just try­ing to stop an app from suck­ing money from your wal­let every month.

Re­gard­less of what you want out of, here’s what you need to do to can­cel a sub­scrip­tion.

1. Open Set­tings. 2. Tap on your Ap­ple ID. 3. Tap on iTunes & App Store. 4. Tap on your Ap­ple ID and email ad­dress at the top. 5. Tap View Ap­ple ID. 6. You’re now in Ac­count Set­tings. Scroll down and tap Sub­scrip­tions. 7. At last, your sub­scrip­tions. Se­lect the one you want to can­cel. 8. Scroll down and tap Can­cel Sub­scrip­tion. Once you’ve se­lected the ser­vice you want to can­cel, scroll down

and tap the red Can­cel Sub­scrip­tion but­ton at the bot­tom. A win­dow will pop up ask­ing you to con­firm whether you want to can­cel your sub­scrip­tion, and af­ter all these steps you’re prob­a­bly su­per de­ter­mined to do so. Tap Con­firm. You’ll still be able to use the ac­count un­til the most re­cent pe­riod you paid for ends.

That’s it. Un­less, of course, you change your mind. In that case…

How to re-sub­scribe to a ser­vice

To re-sub­scribe, re­peat Steps 1 through 7 above. This will bring you back to your Sub­scrip­tions panel, where you’ll find your Ex­pired sub­scrip­tions un­der­neath your Ac­tive sub­scrip­tions. Just se­lect the ser­vice you’d like to re-sub­scribe to, and then se­lect one of the avail­able plans.


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