En­able fav­i­cons (site icons on tabs) in Sa­fari

Those lit­tle icons on browser tabs can make it eas­ier to quickly iden­tify sites, writes Ja­son Cross

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For years, Sa­fari has ig­nored one of the most use­ful tiny lit­tle fea­tures of modern web browsers: fav­i­cons. Those are the lit­tle site-spe­cific icons that show up in browser tabs and book­mark lists to help you quickly iden­tify sites.

In iOS 12 (and macOS Mo­jave), fav­i­cons are fi­nally sup­ported in Sa­fari. But you have to turn them on first.

The fea­ture is most use­ful for those who use the iPad or an Plus-sized iPhone, which show browser tabs in a sin­gle win­dow, but you’ll see Fav­i­cons on your web­site ‘cards’ in por­trait ori­en­ta­tion on an iPhone, too.

En­abling Fav­i­cons

To turn fav­i­cons on, open Set­tings. Scroll down to Sa­fari and tap on that (it’s in the list of Ap­ple apps). Scroll down to the Gen­eral sec­tion and flip the switch next to Show Icons in Tabs. That’s it. Now fav­i­cons will show up in your Sa­fari tabs.

On the left, Sa­fari cards on iPhone with­out fav­i­cons. On the right, with fav­i­cons en­abled

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