Va­pists tak­ing over our smoke­filled streets

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Vape cul­ture is a new thing that we should all be proud of, isn’t it?

I’m sus­pi­cious of va­p­ing and I’m par­tic­u­larly sus­pi­cious of peo­ple who go to vape cafes and vape shops to buy spe­cial vapes to show off to their fel­low va­pists (sic).

Va­p­ing, for the unini­ti­ated, is like smok­ing only elec­tronic, fea­tur­ing wa­ter vapour and not as cool.

I don’t ac­tu­ally think smok­ing is cool but it is hands down cooler than va­p­ing, which isn’t hard.

Ap­par­ently va­p­ing is a good thing, it’s a ‘healthy revo­lu­tion’, it’ll fi­nally make you kick the habit and all the rest of it. But ac­tu­ally is there any proof of any of that? I’m sat here in my cig­a­rette-shaped Ivory Tower con­vinced we’re mere months away from a new gov­ern­ment pa­per which will show va­p­ing is more dan­ger­ous than an­thrax, or some­thing.

I know sev­eral vapers who didn’t even smoke be­fore tak­ing it up. That can’t be good. I’ve also got is­sues with reg­u­la­tion.

In an era when the gov­ern­ment has tried its best to rightly make smok­ing as non­ap­peal­ing to chil­dren as it can, shouldn’t the same be true for va­p­ing?

In­stead, heav­ilyan­i­mated vape shops have sprung up on ev­ery street cor­ner from Maidstone to Mar­gate.

Pre­sum­ably the vape shops have opened out­side of the county of Kent as well.

Many town cen­tres are now cloaked in a thick car­pet of rasp­berry scented fog and I’ve seen more than a few vapers va­p­ing in res­tau­rants.

I can hon­estly say I’d rather have a cig­a­rette blown in my face than a vape cloud.

The other day some­one even phoned in a well-known ra­dio talk show to in­form the host that hu­mans have now in­vented a va­p­ing con­test where they com­pete to see who can blow the big­gest cloud.

I would like to hear from any­one who can con­vinc­ingly ar­gue any of that’s good for the pub­lic, surely it is just se­duc­ing the va­pists of to­mor­row?

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