Bins: be­witched, be­daz­zled and be­wil­dered

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Nor­mally at this time of year the topic of con­ver­sa­tion in homes and pubs across Ash­ford is the weather… whether we are go­ing to have a great sum­mer or if it’s go­ing to be an­other washout.

But this year is dif­fer­ent. Every­where peo­ple are talk­ing ab­so­lute rub­bish, lit­er­ally, about this weeks’ launch of Ash­ford Bor­ough Coun­cil’s new waste col­lec­tion and re­cy­cling sys­tem.

N & B team mem­bers who live in Ash­ford have, like thou­sands of oth­ers, taken de­liv­ery of their shiny new bins (and found some­where to store them) and have been dis­cussing what rub­bish goes in which bin.

So, for ex­am­ple, what ex­actly is plas­tic? No, we’re not look­ing for a chem­i­cal or DNA def­i­ni­tion just whether the plas­tic wrap­ping con­tain­ing slices of ham, for ex­am­ple, should go in the re­cy­cling bin or the gen­eral house­hold waste bin? So, is this type of wrap­ping go­ing to be classed by the bin po­lice as hard plas­tic (i.e. goes in re­cy­cling bin) or soft plas­tic (goes in house­hold refuse bin)? And empty toothpaste tubes, what do you do with them? Oh dear, oh dear – are they house­hold waste or can they be re­cy­cled?

One N & B team­ster and his part­ner spent 10 min­utes dis­cussing the fate of their empty toothpaste tube, with dif­fer­ing opin­ions on which bin it should go in (with the toothpaste tube just sit­ting there for­lornly await­ing its des­tiny). By the end of the con­ver­sa­tion the male of the duo had a very clear idea of ex­actly where he wanted to shove it! But ul­ti­mately they agreed to dis­agree and he’s now think­ing of just post­ing it to his sis­ter in Sus­sex so she can deal with the dilemma. He reck­ons the postage cost is well worth not suf­fer­ing an­other sleep­less night dream­ing about gi­ant toothpaste tubes ex­plod­ing in­side his re­cy­cling bin as the bin­men is­sue him with a mas­sive on the spot fine for re­cy­cling abuse.

He sees the day quickly loom­ing when each part of town will have its own Bin­watch scheme - a lit­tle like Neigh­bour­hood Watch where com­mu­nity minded bods will take it upon them­selves to be­come re­cy­cling gu­rus, with the abil­ity to make in­stant and well-in­formed de­ci­sions on what goes where.

But even they will have prob­lems.

Take cling film for ex­am­ple… oh no please, let’s not even go there!

And, talk­ing of re­cy­cling bins, you may re­call how a cou­ple of weeks ago N & B men­tioned the op­por­tu­ni­ties avail­able for wheelie bin num­ber sticker man­u­fac­tur­ers as thou­sands of homes across the bor­ough would be look­ing to iden­tify and pro­tect their in­di­vid­ual house­hold waste, food caddy and re­cy­cling bins.

We men­tioned how they are avail­able in Ash­ford Pound­land, 99p store and Wilkin­sons (al­though stocks may be ex­tremely low at present, we un­der­stand).

Well, Howletts Farm in Knock­wood Lane, Mo­lash has sent us an email say­ing they can sup­ply bin num­bers.

The email read: “We are cut­ting vinyl num­bers to stick on the front of your bins. For £6.50 we will cut two panels for the large bins and one small panel for the out­side caddy, in white, red, yel­low, blue or green. The de­tails will in­clude the num­ber and the road/lane – i.e 2 Any Street – to fit into a 300 mm square panel.”

For more in­for­ma­tion call them on 01233 742714.

The new re­cy­cling bins be­ing de­liv­ered to properties in North Street, Ash­ford

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