‘It’s not rocket science’

A new waste col­lec­tion ser­vice has started in Ash­ford. We re­ported how the coun­cil had been swamped with calls from res­i­dents with ques­tions about the new sys­tem. Be­low are some of your on­line com­ments.

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Tim Arnold Ev­ery­one needs to get real, the rest of the UK and Europe have been re­cy­cling for years. If any­thing, it makes life eas­ier. One bin for pa­per, plas­tics, glass the other for waste food and any­thing non re­cy­clable like pet waste, nap­pies, poly­styrene, light bulbs and gen­eral rub­bish. The coun­cil sent a book­let a big cal­en­dar and a sticker to put on your re­cy­cling bin, what more do you want?

Karen Hut­ton I think it’s a good idea, no more rub­bish all over the streets where the foxes and birds have had their din­ner out of the black sacks.

Kate Swofty Not very clear as to what ac­tu­ally is re­cy­clable. I thoughts all plas­tic but it’s not ac­cord­ing to the video also found out via web­site by chance that our col­lec­tion date has changed.

Hay­ley Davies I agree more info on what goes where, as three bins is con­fus­ing, food waste easy but re­cy­cle bin and nor­mal house­hold is con­fus­ing. I’ve tried to do it right but if it’s wrong it’s down to the coun­cil, as they should make it more clear by send­ing more info.

An­nie Bal­son Got mine a few weeks ago and still got the book­let which tells you what can and can’t go in each bin. Find the new sys­tem easy, does help hav­ing the book­let to re­fer to. My nor­mal refuse has re­duced mas­sively.

Wayne Robin­son I’ve had the green bin for some­time now. I don’t agree with hav­ing to pay an ex­tra £30 a year but it is handy for me. The new re­cy­cle and non-re­cy­cle bins are very very low qual­ity.

Kate Swofty Kelle­her I to­tally agree with the re­cy­cling but I haven’t had a cal­en­dar or stick­ers. Why isn’t pack­ag­ing re­cy­clable it has the re­cy­cling logo on it?

Kelly Hen­drick The food bin was all scuffed up where they had ob­vi­ously thrown it out of the truck and the tape they stuck to the top of the re­cy­cle bin left its sticky mark over the lid, so my bins al­ready look like I’ve been us­ing them for years!

Sue Hook-Grif­fiths I don’t know why but I seem to have re­ceived more in­for­ma­tion than oth­ers. What is not on the re­cy­clable list and is not food goes in the refuse bin. Sim­ples!

Elodie North I think re­cy­cling is a great idea and I am glad we are fi­nally do­ing it. If you are un­sure about what is suit­able for re­cy­cling check at the back of the item, there is a re­cy­clable logo on 99% of things and usu­ally some­thing which will say for ex­am­ple – widely re­cy­cled , or check with lo­cal re­cy­cle cen­tre. It’s not rocket science but I agree that the food bin sit­ting for a week is slightly un­hy­gienic es­pe­cially with meat, etc.

Garry An­drew Cur­ley They pro­vided a sticker to go on the re­cy­cling bin so you can read that and check be­fore it goes in, they pro­vided a very sim­ple to read book­let that ex­plains it all. Stop em­bar­rass­ing your­selves and look for the an­swers rather than feel­ing the need to be spoon fed.

Adam Sch­tum Hunter It’s what the rest of the coun­try and most of Europe have been do­ing for al­most two decades with great suc­cess. Why do some Ash­ford res­i­dents think they are so dif­fer­ent and refuse to try some­thing new? Once you get into the swing of it, it be­comes sec­ond na­ture. Of course there will be dif­fi­cul­ties to start, if they don’t col­lect my rub­bish to­mor­row no is­sue, I’ll take it to the new cen­tre at Cobbs Wood or leave it for a few weeks un­til they come back.

Clarissa J Huggett My re­cy­cling bin is nearly full af­ter one week! It’s just ev­ery­one needs to get used to do­ing things a bit dif­fer­ently. It’s not that hard.

Stacey-Louise Smith It isn’t right we have to put up with smelly nap­pies and cat lit­ter for two weeks at a time. They should do re­cyling ev­ery two weeks, refuse and food ev­ery week!

Jo Jow­ers We’ve made squash­ing the re­cy­cling to put it in the bin a job for the kids - gives us a bit more space. The coun­cil’s okay with ex­tra re­cy­cling be­ing put out along­side the green bin, they even say so on the web­site so don’t just stick it in the nor­mal bin. Ash­ford is catch­ing up with the rest of the coun­try!

San­dra Guess I’m glad we now have bins. Some peo­ple put their rub­bish out days be­fore, then it gets spread all over by birds. I think it’s bet­ter for the poor refuse men as well, some things they have to pick up are dis­gust­ing.

Chezz Gra­ham Not sure why peo­ple are com­plain­ing, it’s re­ally not dif­fi­cult to put some­thing in a sep­a­rate bin.

Gareth Recht If you all have time to sit on Face­book and whinge then you have time to look at the web­site if you don’t un­der­stand. If you had ques­tions then the coun­cil run road shows all over the bor­ough which the Ken­tish Ex­press ad­ver­tised, so you could have gone to one of them. It’s very sim­ple and so good for the en­vi­ron­ment for such lit­tle work. How about a bit of pos­i­tiv­ity!

Kelly Fred­die Brown I’m not even both­er­ing with this new scheme it’s so con­fus­ing and not be­ing funny with eight of us liv­ing in a house one bin is not enough.

Teresa Lins­dell It’s an ab­so­lute joke, one re­cy­cling bin is not enough for a fam­ily of five. It’s not get­ting col­lected un­til next week and it’s al­ready full.

Sammy Fair­man I don’t mind re­cy­cling but we are a fam­ily of five and our bin is nearly full. The col­lec­tion is not for over an­other week, so once the bin is full it’ll be in the nor­mal house­hold rub­bish which kind of de­feats the ob­ject. I think re­cy­cling should be weekly.

Kerry Peel I live in a flat, as yet no so­lu­tion has been found for us so no re­cy­cling for us! The sim­ple idea of get­ting two flats to share (which would mean there is enough room for the bins) is just too much for ABC to work out!

Hay­ley Ma­son It’s a joke my re­cy­cling bin is full and I’ve got to wait ten days un­til it gets picked up! Why don’t they pick up all three bins ev­ery week?

Sue Harden If you have large fam­ily, you can re­quest a big­ger re­cy­cling bin. Just ring the coun­cil and ask !

Sarah Kurkowski I live in a flat and got a let­ter say­ing we aren’t hav­ing food waste bins etc and I re­ally want them. There is plenty of room and some peo­ple in flats in other parts of Ash­ford have them.

Andy Ruf­fell Re­quested a wheelie bin af­ter we were told our prop­erty was un­suit­able. We have a car port on the side of our house mak­ing us one of the most suit­able houses, as op­posed to our neigh­bours who are in a ter­raced house and have their bins.

Mark K Brown Why do we need to put small elec­tri­cal items in a car­rier bag? They have just thrown the ket­tle I put in a car­rier bag in the same com­part­ment as the refuse.

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