Cock­tail of chem­i­cals that can kill

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Le­gal highs are psy­choac­tive chem­i­cals yet to be crim­i­nalised which can give a high when smoked, snorted, swal­lowed or in­haled.

While it is le­gal for so-called “head shops” like UK Skunkworks to sell th­ese prod­ucts, along with para­pher­na­lia as­so­ci­ated with the con­sump­tion of cannabis and other il­le­gal drugs, shop­pers must be aged 18 or over.

They must also la­bel all such prod­ucts as “not for hu­man con­sump­tion”, and staff may not ad­vise peo­ple on how they can be con­sumed.

The prod­ucts sold in branches of UK Skunkworks, which start from £7.50, of­ten come in bright and colour­ful pack­ag­ing, with names al­lud- ing to drug use, in­clud­ing Charley Sheen, Eu­pho­ria, Go Gaine, Disco Bis­cuits and Jack & Jills, both slang terms for ec­stasy pills.

Some stores may also stock “eth­nob­otan­i­cals”, plant-de­rived sub­stances known to have a psy­choac­tive ef­fect.

Side ef­fects of con­sum­ing le­gal highs may in­clude ex­treme para­noia, psy­chotic vi­sions (re­port­ing see­ing de­mons, mon­sters, for­eign sol­diers, or aliens), vi­o­lent be­hav­iour, tachy­car­dia (rapid heart­beat), chest pain, con­fu­sion, high blood pres­sure, sweat­ing, hy­per-alert­ness, sleep de­pri­va­tion, ag­i­ta­tion, ex­treme anx­i­ety, hal­lu­ci­na­tions, brux­ism (teeth grind­ing), com­pul­sive wa­ter drink­ing, mo­tor au­toma­tisms (com­pul­sive re­peated hand wash­ing), tremors, seizures and even death.

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