Get­ting misty-eyed about the Sev­en­ties

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al­though for many, money was tight and change had al­ready com­menced seal­ing the town’s future, in between the sound of bull­doz­ers and me­chan­i­cal dig­gers, there was a sense of The 1970s was a vastly dif­fer­ent era.

Al­though to some it seems just like yes­ter­day, it is a life­time away for oth­ers.

Many of us loved that era where the mu­sic was dif­fer­ent, the fash­ions were unique and many ev­ery­day things were cheaper to pur­chase.

The at­mos­phere in the town’s heart was largely care­free and calm and the town was buzzing with shop­pers and traf­fic – al­though the lat­ter is noth­ing new!

Of course time doesn’t stand still for any­one, but it is always a plea­sure to cast the mind back to yes­ter­year oc­ca­sion­ally.

This week we look back at the town dur­ing that time – with a trio of pic­tures that were taken in 1972, 1974 and 1977 re­spec­tively.

Bank Street, pic­tured in 1974, in an im­age prob­a­bly taken just prior to the open­ing of the Ring­way given the amount of traf­fic in the street.

It’s rather odd to see this vol­ume of traf­fic as the street is largely pedes­tri­anised to­day.

Here, shop­pers and work­ers await their turn to cross the road, but the flow of trafffic seems end­less.

You cer­tainly wouldn’t have this prob­lem now.

Note the range of clas­sic ve­hi­cles il­lus­trated which cer­tainly dates the pho­to­graph.

The Up­per High Street in Novem­ber 1977, has a great view of shop­pers walk­ing along the road.

Al­though two chain stores, namely Boots the Chemist and Bur­ton the tai­lor, are ev­i­dent in this view, it is easy to iden­tify other stores that are no longer in ex­is­tence such as Geer­ing and Hil­ton, nowa­days Tesco and Shoe Zone re­spec­tively.

Ash­ford Sta­tion is pic­tured here in May 1972. And, any­one who ar­rived in the town by train would surely re­mem­ber this view.

This was long be­fore the ad­vent of high-speed trains and the Eurostar link to the con­ti­nent.

Again, it is in­ter­est­ing to see the cars which are now all clas­sic cars in this view.

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Bank Street, pic­tured in 1974, in an im­age prob­a­bly taken just prior to the open­ing of the Ring­way given the amount of traf­fic in the street

The Up­per High Street in Novem­ber 1977, and a great view show­ing shop­pers walk­ing along the road

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