Teens es­cap­ing the dan­gers of civil war

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This week the Ex­press was given an ex­clu­sive in­sight into the lives of those es­cap­ing war torn coun­tries like Syria at the Mil­bank cen­tre in Ash­ford. Through­out the sum­mer we have seen the im­ages and heard the sto­ries about the grow­ing refugee cri­sis in Europe as thou­sands search for a safe haven. Mil­bank houses 100 teenage boys who have man­aged to es­cape civil war and op­pres­sive regimes, most of whom have made dan­ger­ous jour­neys to get here. Among them was Sadiq, from the war torn Dar­fur re­gion of Su­dan, who sur­vived the per­ilous jour­ney on a boat across the Mediter­ranean from Libya in 2013. Then there is Nas­sim from Ethiopia, who was told to flee af­ter his fam­ily was threat­ened be­cause his fa­ther is a politi­cian op­pos­ing the gov­ern­ment there. Both are young men who have sought asy­lum on our shores, with Sadiq hop­ing to go to col­lege and train to be­come an engi­neer, and Nas­sim hop­ing to be­come a pi­lot. Their sto­ries, along with many oth­ers, re­veal the hu­man face be­hind the head­lines we have been hear­ing about all sum­mer. We so of­ten hear phrases such as asy­lum seek­ers and mi­grants be­ing used but these show the gen­uine sto­ries of peo­ple who are es­cap­ing truly ter­ri­fy­ing cir­cum­stances. In the past the peo­ple of Kent have had to re­spond to refugee crises such as the Huguenots who es­caped re­li­gious per­se­cu­tion in France, through to the Jews who fled from Nazi atroc­i­ties. It re­minds us that Kent con­tin­ues to play an im­por­tant role in help­ing those who have nowhere left to go.

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