‘Heart­break­ing to see horses’ plight’

Wor­ried passers-by call RSPCA but char­ity says it could only re­move one an­i­mal

Kentish Express Ashford & District - - Desperate Journeys - By Sa­man­tha Wil­liams

An un­healthy horse has been re­moved from a field in Ash­ford by an an­i­mal char­ity fol­low­ing con­cerns over its wel­fare.

The an­i­mal was one of three that have been liv­ing on a piece of land off Vic­to­ria Road, op­po­site the pri­mary school.

Passers-by had no­ticed that the horses were look­ing un­der­weight and that their hair was badly mat­ted.

Con­cerned neigh­bour Han­nah Poyn­ton said: “Their manes are very mat­ted. They will need to be shaved in or­der to sort them.

“It isn’t a very large field and the waste is build­ing up. It smells.

“Peo­ple have been stop­ping as they go past. There is no fresh wa­ter for them.”

Mrs Poyn­ton called an­i­mal char­ity the RSPCA three times to re­port her con­cerns about the an­i­mals.

She adds: “The lady I spoke to said they had re­ceived 30 calls.”

Of­fi­cers from the or­gan­i­sa­tion vis­ited the site with a vet, and af­ter eval­u­at­ing the horses, de­cided to re­move one of them.

A spokesman said: “The RSPCA is aware of horses kept at Vic­to­ria Road in Ash­ford and has been vis­it­ing them on a reg­u­lar ba­sis to check on their wel­fare for the past cou­ple of months.

“We have vis­ited with a vet on sev­eral oc­ca­sions and are in con­ver­sa­tions with the owner to give them ad­vice and im­prove their con­di­tions.

“One of the horses was said to be un­der­weight by a vet and as a re­sult was signed over by the own­ers and given into the care of another horse char­ity.”

How­ever, Mrs Poyn­ton thinks that it is time the other two are re­moved too.

Another con­cerned res­i­dent, Jan Cook, took the horses some food on Sun­day, but said one could barely eat.

She said: “I went down with some ap­ples and car­rots, but one couldn’t even bite into the ap­ple. It is piti­ful.

“Their mane and tails are cov­ered in bram­bles and this­tles. When they swish their tails, you can see that they must be in some kind of dis­com­fort.

“It’s sick­en­ing to know that their owner can just leave them like that. It breaks my heart.”

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Peo­ple are wor­ried about the con­di­tion of the horses in a field off Vic­to­ria Road, Ash­ford

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