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Fin­ished Sheep – 1331 Sold

A slightly big­ger en­try of lambs for­ward, with an over­all bet­ter show of qual­ity than last week. A slight im­prove­ment in the Ster­ling/ Euro ex­change rate and low num­bers be­ing mar­keted na­tion­ally has helped to slightly boost prices from last week with the en­try as a whole av­er­ag­ing al­most 3p/kg more. Strong Bel­tex lambs from Mr K Luke­hurst and Mrs C Cox topped the prices per kilo at 172p/kg with heav­ier sorts from G H Dean & Co selling at 166p/kg. Heavy Cross­bred lambs from C&J Ge­or­getti sold to £71.80 (160p/kg) and best of the heavy sorts from Mr J Lil­ley sold to £78 ( 51kgs).

Cull Ewes and Rams – 479 Sold

A sim­i­lar trade to last week with the graz­ers selling par­tic­u­larly well once again with sev­eral cus­tomers look­ing to se­cure sheep to farm on. Meat ewes were few and far be­tween and sold to a top of £78.50. Av­er­age price was re­turn about £3 ahead of last week which ap­pears to be the same story at oth­ers mar­kets around the coun­try. Top prices were as fol­lows; Cross­bred ewes to £78.50 from L An­dreozzi and £76.50 from Lea­con­field Farms, Suf­folk crosses to £ 65 from K Sin­den and CD Bishop, well fleshed Rom­neys to £ 63.50 from R H Kingston.

Store Lamb Sale – 5,732 Sold

Another strong trade for a sim­i­lar en­try of store lambs with prices firm­ing by some £1 to £ 2 per head on the week. The ma­jor­ity of stores sold in the £ 50 to £ 60 bracket with the best £ 57 plus, medium sorts around £ 55 and only very small long term sorts be­low £ 50. A few pens of meat lambs topped the mar­ket with Suf­folk x Mule at £ 64.80 from D Howard Farms and Texel cross up to £ 66.50 from G J Dun­can­son Ltd, while pure­bred Charol­lais sold at £ 63.50 from D J Mor­phett. An in­creased en­try of Rom­ney wether lambs sold well up to £ 53.80 and av­er­aged £46 over­all.

Fin­ished Cat­tle – 56 Sold in­clud­ing 1 bull

Trade very sim­i­lar for the best cat­tle this week and a lit­tle firmer for the com­mer­cial cat­tle. A few more buy­ers round the ring helped. Qual­ity runs from W S Fur­ni­val, D W Fer­gu­son and W Alexan­der mak­ing 219.5, 215.5 and 214.5 re­spec­tively. Leaner cat­tle for fur­ther feed­ing made to 198.5p/kg from P M Langridge. Alan Downs well fleshed dairy red cat­tle made to 193.5.

Cull Cows and Bulls – 27 Sold

Again, trade very sim­i­lar with not a lot of meat on of­fer with plenty of cows go­ing on for fur­ther feed­ing. Best price was for a Li­mousin cow from Graham Hins­ley mak­ing 139.5p/kg. It is no­tice- able how it is harder to sell non-farm as­sured cows so please make sure your as­sur­ance is up to date.

Store Cat­tle – 535 Sold

The largest en­try of store cat­tle in early Septem­ber for many years was well re­ceived with a ring­side packed with po­ten­tial buy­ers. The en­try was mixed with a com­plete range of ages and breeds although there was a high per­cent­age of na­tive and dairy bred stores on of­fer and a rel­a­tively small per­cent­age of Con­ti­nen­tal cross sin­gle suck­led year­lings. The large at­ten­dance of buy­ers en­sured a to­tal clear­ance with cus­tomers for all sorts at favourable com­pet­i­tive prices. The few smart Con­ti­nen­tal cross beef bred young­sters sold ex­cep­tion­ally well with the best steers at­tract­ing prices in ex­cess of £ 800 and heifers around £700.

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