Win­ning for­mula

Seat Al­ham­bra is a car the chil­dren will love and par­ents will be­come strangely at­tached, too as Matt Kim­ber­ley re­ports

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What’s new? At the risk of sound­ing a bit blasé, not a lot. Seat has kept much of the Al­ham­bra’s win­ning for­mula un­touched, only tweak­ing the styling, the en­gines and adding the latest con­nec­tiv­ity thanks in part to a new part­ner­ship with Sam­sung. You still get seven seats, two built-in booster seats in the mid­dle row, slid­ing rear doors and op­tions for petrol, diesel, man­ual and au­to­matic. If you look re­ally closely, you might also no­tice the new Seat logo.

Looks and im­age

The Al­ham­bra doesn’t look all that bad for a fam­ily bus, adding a few Leon-es­que touches with­out go­ing too crazy. Dads will ap­pre­ci­ate the bore­dom by­pass but mums won’t think it looks too sporty to be a good fam­ily car. It’s clearly no automotive sex sym­bol but it’s a solid choice.

Space and prac­ti­cal­ity

There’s an im­pres­sive boot, good enough for one re­ally large suit­case with soft bags on top, or two medium cases plus ex­tras. Fold the two-piece row three seats down – this isn’t as easy as you’ll see in some ri­vals – and you’re left with a boot good enough for any­thing a fam­ily might need to shove into it. The slid­ing doors, with hold­ers for large bot­tles, are a huge boon and there are two built-in booster seats. The in­di­vid­ual seats in row two slide for­ward and back.

Be­hind the wheel

Se­lect­ing com­fort mode within the ad­justable damper set­tings re­wards with an im­pres­sive ride qual­ity. You sit high in this car so there’s a great view of the road ahead. The DSG twin-clutch au­to­matic gear­box is a boon around town.

Who would buy one?

Fam­i­lies and user-chooser com­pany car driv­ers with three or more chil­dren are the main buy­ers here. Seat pre­dicts a 70/30 split to­wards busi­ness sales, so the typ­i­cal Al­ham­bra driver is likely to be a fam­ily man or woman with a few chil­dren at home and a de­sire for both space and com­fort. The en­try-level petrol model just about dips be­neath the £25,000 mark, while the main­stream mod­els fall roughly be­tween the £28,000 and £33,000 marks.

This car summed up in just a sin­gle word:

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