Tory scares on refugee camps

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I am ap­palled by the Tories’ tac­tics so far in the EU de­bate (‘Mi­grant camps will come here if we quit EU, warns Cameron’, KE, Fe­bru­ary 11).

There will never be mi­grant camps in Kent if we pulled out of the EU.

The Calais Bor­der has noth­ing to do with the EU, it was a cre­ated in bi­lat­eral treaties with France in 1993 and 2003.

France would have to give two years’ no­tice to change the rules.

The idea that camps would spring up on English soil is non­sense.

If bor­der con­trols did re­vert to the UK, mi­grants would im­me­di­ately claim asy­lum see­ing that the UK is a soft touch, so why would they want to live in a camp?

They would dis­ap­pear into the black econ­omy.

This would not help France as thou­sands more would pour into Calais.

Europe is in cri­sis and looks like fall­ing apart, Turkey is threat­en­ing to re­lease an­other three mil­lion mi­grants into Europe, so why would we want to go down with a sink­ing ship.

Prime Min­is­ter David Cameron has come back with a pa­thetic set of pro­pos­als, he has no ne­go­ti­at­ing skills.

Who in their right mind asks for change say­ing that they want to stay in the club.

Europe will trade with us if we leave, we are too im­por­tant a mar­ket to them.

Are the French and Ger­mans go­ing to stop sell­ing us cars, ma­chin­ery and food?

We are their se­cond largest mar­ket, if we stopped buy­ing them their goods their own economies would col­lapse.

We sell more to the rest of the world than we do to Europe and have done for the last two years.

The gap is £89 bil­lion, so why do we need all the re­stric­tions of the EU, and what could we do with £52 mil­lion a day that it costs us to be­long to the club.

When over 100 Tory MPs look like vot­ing ‘out’ I think Dave has a fight on his hands and that is why he is scare­mon­ger­ing. Mick Carr Kingsnorth

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