Coun­try­side hor­ror as teenager and horse bit­ten in dog at­tack

Passerby cap­tures im­age of an­i­mal’s owner who dis­ap­peared af­ter in­ci­dent

Kentish Express Ashford & District - - Spate Of Break-ins - By Vicky Cas­tle

A vi­cious, un­pro­voked dog at­tack on two teenage girls and their horses left the pair in­jured and ter­ri­fied.

Amelia Palmer, 16, and Katie Hig­gins, 15, had been rid­ing their horses, Tinka and Sap­phire, across the Wye Downs on Sun­day morn­ing when a Stafford­shire bull ter­rier went for their an­i­mals.

Amelia, from Hawkinge, said: “The dog was lit­er­ally hang­ing off Tinka’s nose. Katie jumped off and was beat­ing it with her stick to get it to let go. It then went for Tinka’s belly and Katie grabbed it as it jumped up.”

Brave Katie, from Wye, even­tu­ally man­aged to pull the dog off, but it had al­ready punc­tured Amelia’s leg and her Tinka’s nose.

Amelia added: “The own­ers didn’t do much to at­tempt to con­trol the dog.

“They were just stood there shout­ing at it but it was com­pletely out of con­trol.”

The girls, who have both been rid­ing for about 10 years, dis­mounted their horses and checked their wounds.

They con­fronted the own­ers – a man and a woman – who de­nied the dog had done any­thing wrong.

Luck­ily, a quick-think­ing passerby caught the pair on cam­era in the af­ter­math of the at­tack and the man can be seen hold­ing the dog by the har­ness.

Amelia had to go to hospi­tal to have a tetanus jab and get the deep wound on her leg treated, while both horses needed to be treated by vets for their in­juries.

Bindy Hig­gins, Katie’s mum, said: “It’s ter­ri­fy­ing. But I’m very proud of the girls be­cause they coped very well.

“I don’t know whether to be an­gry at Katie for drag­ging the dog off be­cause of what it could have done or proud of her for han­dling it so bravely.”

Shock­ingly, when the girls turned away to get plas­ters for their wounds, the own­ers quickly dis­ap­peared.

Bindy added: “I have dogs and if that had been my dog, I would have stayed with the girls and made sure they were okay but the fact they were deny­ing the dog had attacked them and then dis­ap­peared is aw­ful.

“Luck­ily the kids were calm and han­dled the sit­u­a­tion very well but I’m an­gry that they had no re­gard for the chil­dren and their horses.

“I would never want a dog to be de­stroyed for the wrong rea­sons but if peo­ple are go­ing to have a one then they have to un­der­stand their dog’s tem­per­a­ments.

“You have to take re­spon­si­bil­ity for your pet.

“We have a large vets bill to cover now so I’m hop­ing the po­lice have taken this se­ri­ously and will do some­thing to find the own­ers.”

‘The dog was lit­er­ally hang­ing off Tinka’s nose. Katie jumped off and was beat­ing it’

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Th­ese images show the punc­ture wound to Amelia’s knee and the dam­age caused to Tinka’s nose af­ter the Stafford­shire bull ter­rier’s fren­zied at­tack on Sun­day morn­ing

Im­age of the dog owner who de­nied his pet had done any­thing wrong

Amelia Palmer and her horse Sap­phire, left, and Katie Hig­gins with Tinka were rid­ing on the Wye Downs

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