ABC must learn lessons of Brexit

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We have just un­der­gone a mo­men­tous ref­er­en­dum, ba­si­cally be­cause we don’t like be­ing told what to do by un­elected and un­ac­count­able of­fi­cials in Brus­sels.

Per­haps we should also look nearer home at our elected coun­cil.

A bor­ough act­ing as a Lon­don over­spill in build­ing huge num­bers of houses and im­pact­ing the lives of thou­sands of res­i­dents, suck­ing the life out of the town cen­tre and re­mov­ing the ru­ral iden­tity of many of our beau­ti­ful vil­lages.

We have a coun­cil hav­ing pinkpa­per (se­cret) meet­ings, with mem­bers ap­par­ently sworn to se­crecy and not al­lowed to talk to elected par­ish coun­cils who rep­re­sent lo­cal peo­ple, and a coun­cil of of­fi­cers ap­par­ently re­luc­tant to dis­cuss their plans face to face with par­ish coun­cils.

We should use the Brexit ex­am­ple and fight for a trans­par­ent and open coun­cil serv­ing the res­i­dents who elected them.

Yes, of course, peo­ple need some­where to live, but isn’t it a ques­tion of hous­ing quan­tity and lo­ca­tion?

We need more low-cost hous­ing for the young who sup­port our econ­omy, teach­ers, fire­fight­ers, po­lice and nurses, not face­less hous­ing es­tates eat­ing up prodi­gious ar­eas of pro­duc­tive farm­land.

The coun­cil has been slow to use brown­field sites un­der pres­sure from de­vel­op­ers who can make more profit from build­ing on green­field. Re­mem­ber the Prescott Plan of 2000? De­vel­op­ment in Ash­ford should be cen­tral and con­cen­tric, brown­field and in­fra­struc­ture first. I never thought I would sup­port his words.

A wise press com­ment on the af­ter­math of Brexit was “we can unite Bri­tain only if

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